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Murder on a School Night by Kate Weston

About the Book- Murder on a School Night

A hilarious murder mystery–rom-com from author and comedian Kate Weston investigates the sinister side of social media when bullying turns bloody—and a string of classmate deaths by menstrual cup and sanitary pad sets amateur sleuth Kerry hot on the trail of a menstrual murderer. Perfect for fans of Truly Devious and Fleabag.

There’s never a good time to find a dead body, sure. But what about finding a dead body while you’re trying to kiss your crush? Kerry had different plans for her first high school party—like not going. All she wanted to do was stay home in the safety of retro rom-coms and her strict retainer schedule. Instead her BFF, fiercely outgoing mystery-fanatic Annie, has roped her into going to the party to investigate who’s cyberbullying Heather, the most popular girl in school.

Finding herself getting close with her dreamy crush is odd enough, but when the two of them discover Heather’s second in command, Selena, suffocated with a menstrual cup, things get really weird. And when a second student turns up dead, this time with a sanitary pad across the eyes, Annie and Kerry—no matter how much she resists—are officially on the case to stop the menstrual murderer . . . period.

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“Firstly, we started the CSI Coders club in seventh grade”

Read on for our review of Murder on a School Night by Kate Weston

Our Review of Murder on a School Night

The only nice thing I can say about this book is that the thought behind this book may have been noble and even innovative to a certain point. That is all I can say because, despite that thought process, execution has been really questionable and even for a cosy mystery and for a middle-grade book, this definitely did not work for many reasons.

If you remember the Disney movie, “Turning Red” made a lot of buzz with its attempt to educate and bring out the topic of the Menstrual cycle. That was a movie that you could watch with your entire family without cringe. The book may have been thinking about opening the conversation about menstrual cycles but it does in very poor taste.

First of all, there was no actual plot or even if there was one, no actual effort was made towards building on it. All the book did was literally use the topic of menstruation as a prop. The word vagina, periods, blood, menstrual cycle and a lot more are used as punctuations throughout the book just to remind us that this is a book based on menstruation. It’s like force-feeding a topic into your brain.

Even if you overlook this little fact, the basic factor of mystery building is done without any particular effort. This is the reason why it does not sit well in the book. Because it totally looks like an afterthought. Also another reason for me to not like this book is the audiobook. The narrators kind of didn’t help me to get into this book.


In conclusion, I would say that the book was a maze with the whole haphazard plot lines, high school dramas and forced mystery. Plus the whole vagina and periods being forced into each conversation just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. So for me, this was definitely a hard one to digest.

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