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Project Icarus by R.D. Shah

About the Book-Project Icarus

Hostage negotiator Ethan Munroe is called urgently to a developing crime scene. A serial killer is holding a young girl hostage, and, inexplicably, demands his attendance. Events quickly spiral out of control, and the security of Ethan’s life is stripped away, as he is thrown headlong into a perilous world of deception, espionage and danger, lurking deep within the shadows of political power. Ethan will discover things about himself he could never have suspected, come face-to-face with a terrifying foe, and uncover an unthinkable truth that could not only shatter his own future but that of the world… The enigma that is Project Icarus. A totally gripping conspiracy thriller with a twist you will never see coming, perfect for fans of Lee Child, Scott Mariani, and Adam Hamdy.

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But in general, for me, the treatment and narration didn’t spark much life into the book.

Read on for our review of Project Icarus by R.D. Shah

Our Review of Project Icarus by R.D. Shah

Either I was back on a reading slump, or the book really couldn’t keep me hooked because I did not enjoy this book. Well, technically I know this book is filled with everything I would love in a thriller. The book is almost like a Mission Impossible or Jason Bourne chase against Time kind of thriller but the only chase I did was trying to keep myself up with the book. Keeping with events that were happening and then keeping myself awake.

I had this book on audio and perhaps it was the thick accent and robotic narration or maybe simply i picked the book at the wrong time. Somehow the book felt dragging with conversations and monologues and inner turmoils rather than getting on to the heart of the action. Even when the action was happening, it was all sort of linear and couldn’t pull me out to sit up straight and take notice.

As I said, technically the book has it all. Villains, government agencies, spies, heroes, collaterals, world domination and even some interesting and buzzworthy conspiracy theories. But in general, for me, the treatment and narration didn’t spark much life into the book. Could be the audio narration or it could be the general treatment of the book. The book had a very melancholic vibe and not in the nicest way.


If you hate romance then this is your book because it got none or at least you get more reason to hate it. Ok that was actually pretty harsh. Sorry about that. Basically if you have been a fan of the series for its romance then don’t come looking for that in here but if you had love the whole ExcelsiCon universe, then yes go for it. The book has everything else working in it except for the romance.

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