Fyre Festival 2 – Really?

You could think it is ludicrous but it is happening. Yes, the Fyre festival is happening for the second time and at the Carribean as per its owner, Billy McFarland. Stranger things have happened in this world. William ‘Billy’ McFarland, organizer of the Fyre Festival, after having served four years in prison is back again selling tickets for Fyre Festival 2 and had posted a message on his Instagram page where he said,

“It has been the absolute wildest journey to get here, and it all started during a seven-month stint in solitary confinement,” He also further says that he has a “50-page plan” detailing how he would “take this overall interest in Fyre” and how he’d “make the impossible happen.”

Fyre Festival – Then

For those of you who don’t know the backstory, let’s just say that the first festival was so infamous that there is an actual Netflix documentary on the debacle that was Fyre Festival. So what happened was months and months of scintillating promotions and advertisements of a never before experienced music festival in a remote and dreamy island named FYRE FESTIVAl. It had gained such a huge hype that even influencers and celebrities were endorsing it left and right. And what happened? well, nothing happened technically. Thousands of people came to an island only to discover to their horror that there was not even proper sanitation or staying arrangements let alone an actual event. So with people stranded on an island, chaos broke and Billy McFarland ended up serving time in federal prison as a result. And now he is ready for round 2

Fyre Festival- Now

The strangest thing is that there is no confirmation on the dates or venue for the festival except that it will be in the Caribbean and will take place somewhere around the end of 2024. The tickets are priced from $499 to $7,999. Also on the not yet confirmed or no information list, are the details of the artists who will perform at the function

Fyre Festival- How?

As much as we are stunned to hear the news that McFarland would consider a round 2 when the debacle of the first one is still fresh and almost like a hot topic of discussion when it comes to the biggest scams and frauds, according to CNN, “Billy on Tuesday updated via his social media that the first batch of tickets were already sold out.” which is a bit hard to swallow 

So are you looking forward to the festival or do you think this is another history waiting to be repeated?

News Source :CNN News, Rolling Stone, Outlook

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