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Bad Boy romance with Beauty and Beast filling

I have been on a streak of romance reads and as I kept devouring books (I will unabashedly admit that they are my guilty pleasures) I could see that almost all of these YA contemporary romances have a fairy tale flavour. Be it Beauty and Beast (Bad Boy Drama), Cinderella drama ( poor girl rich guy saviour), Rapunzel (damsel in distress) or even good old snow white (stepparents, Prince Charming to the rescue). Let me be clear I am not at all talking about retellings. Now those are a completely different topic for another day. What I am talking about is all the contemporary romances which on closer inspection are kind of following our good old fairy tale track. So I did a fun little dig on which ones kind of matched these fairytales and also charted out a recipe for these formulas. ( I am planning to do recipes for all but we will have to see how far I reach. ) But for now, let’s start with our first recipe

The Bad Boy Romance


  1. Bad Boy with a Dark Past – 1 piece
  2. Good Girl (preferably virgin. if not, at least not dating at the moment) – 1 Piece
  3. Drooling girls – As per taste
  4. Animosity track – very important and pick whatever you can grab
  5. will not date/romance – Just a Pinch
  6. Friends – 1/4 a cup
  7. Parents/ secondary characters – only and if required 
  8. Sexual tension- One full box
  9. Evil – 1/2 a cup


Good Girl 

  1. Take a giant bowl of Contemporary Romance. In it first, add a Good Girl preferably as mentioned before should be a virgin. But if not available, you can also have them not dating at the moment or dealing with a bad Ex, depending upon the demand of the track. Cook this Good Girl track on low fire for a minute while stirring it frequently with a pinch of “I will not date/I don’t have time for romance. 
  2. Now add 1/4th of a cup of best friend. And as per taste, you could also add a few colleagues/ parents. Mix all these well. Leave it for a while we prepare the other half.

Bad Boy

  1.  In a separate Bowl, add the Bad Boy with a dark past and put lots of seasoning ( girls dying to sleep with him, Girls drooling over him as he wakes, walks, drinks, practically doing anything)
  2. Add to this (again like the Good Girl,) 1/4th cup of a best friend ( so that we have scope for a sequel or series)
  3. Let this get fried on high fire to enhance and extract the “dark past” of our beast oops I meant bad boy. 
  4. Keep frying it till all the past becomes so clear, charred and dark that we can justify our bad boy’s questionable behaviour and fall for him.

Now let’s prepare the…

The Sexual Tension Sauce

  1.  Mix both Good Girl and Bad Boy halves. Add in an animosity track. (Not necessarily have to be logical just something that needs to simmer for a while.)
  2. Make sure that you make the two halves stick together despite the animosity by ensuring you leave the track for the bad boy and good girl to be together ( A bet, a threat, a danger, a project …anything you can grab)
  3. once the animosity track is well mixed and stuck together, grab that box of sexual tension and keep emptying the box while stirring, bad, boy, good girl, animosity and sexual tension till it becomes one giant sticky ball of romance.
  4. Once your hands start paining (from all the stirring 😛 ) add the evil (just a little as we will need the rest of it later). Mix well this into our giant ball of romance. 
  5. Now let the batter bake for 5 mins.

Final Stage

  1. After cooling, make a big hole in the now-baked dough
  2. Add a pinch of misunderstanding/ lover’s fight. 
  3. over it add all the remaining amount of evil. 
  4. Mix well and transfer the resulting dough into your desired shape mould and this time time let it bake in the oven for almost 20 mins. 

On cooling transfer this into a pretty little dish (with a hot guy on the cover, if possible) and garnish it with sex toppings 😛

Voila your bad-boy romance is ready to consume

So we have already picked some of these recipe-based dishes.

you can check them out if you do not want to prepare but rather dive into muffin

Let me know other books where you will find a good example of this recipe

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