A sequel for I Am Legend?

Remember the Will Smith Starrer post-apocalyptic movie, I am Legend?
Well if Screen Rant reports are to be confirmed, then yes definitely a sequel is in the making with most probably Will Smith returning to the franchise.

With the writer’s strike and studios keeping everything under tight wraps, not much is known and progressed about the project but whatever has been officially reported is pretty exciting in itself.

I am Legend which is based on the book by late Richard Matheson with the same name, had changed its plot line by a lot for its movie adaptation. But the team of the movie feels it just opens the scope for them to explore more. If you had noticed, they had almost closed the scope of Will’s Character returning pretty tight. That is why we were excited and confused when Screent Rant reported that Will Smith would be returning

Smith will be returning as Robert Neville in I Am Legend 2, and the reveal that the alternate I Am Legend ending is the basis for the sequel means his appearance won’t just be in flashbacks or footage of Neville’s experiment logs.

-Screen Rant

Not only this but they also report that the project will also have Creed star Michael B. Jordan as a cast and producer for the sequel (slash film)

For the project, Akiva Goldsman will be returning as both writer and producer but it has still not been confirmed whether Francis Lawrence will return as the director, who as per Slash Films is at the moment taking up another exciting project- A sequel of 2005’s “Constantine”. 

Since the writer’s and actor’s strike has put a pause on all major ongoing projects, there isn’t an actual release date for the sequel which is quite understandable but the studios have confirmed that the project is definitely in the works.

So are you excited for the Sequel?

News Source : Screen Rant, Slash Films

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