HELLEQUIN – Hell of an adrenaline-filled ride

Koos Verkaik is back and he is back with yet another amazing and adventurous read that promises to keep you hooked, informed and above all glued to the book. We have lost count of times that we have read his book and have fallen short of words to write proses in its honour. So that is why we decided not just to give you a quick take on his new book, Hellequin but revisit the Author’s work too. So get ready for an adventure


We can’t put enough words into how grateful we were to get an exclusive advanced copy of the book shared personally by the author just before it is slated for its release. The New book is adrenaline infused as this time, Koos Verkaik not only mixes science, mystery and thrills but manages to thread in a lot of folklore elements that not only blew our minds but in turn ended up educating us a lot. So not only does this time, he brings mystery but there is the allure of a whole new world that he is introducing us to – The world of Hellequin. We are enchanted with this world.

So the book brings a very interesting chase-against-time kind of ride with this secret society and mysticism along with a wonderful well weaved plot that brings the captivating feature of Verkaik’s writing out.

In our previous reviews too, we have mentioned that Verkaik’s writing is completely different. This Netherland-based author has a unique way to combine science, mysticism and thrills to create a unique blend which is unlike anything we have ever seen. The Author’s range of books has been amazing and wowed us each time. No wonder he is nicknamed “The Dutch Stephen King”

Koos Verkaik

With over 70 enthralling titles to his name, Koos Verkaik has enthralled readers worldwide with his unparalleled storytelling prowess. “Hellequin” invites you to join an elite society, where the art of disguise and the magic of illusion converge in an extraordinary tapestry of adventure.

Koos Verkaik started to write at the age of 7, and published his first work (comics, 3 pages each week in a magazine) at the age of 16, his first novel was published at the age of 18.

Over 60 different titles are published now, both in The Netherlands and the USA.

Koos is a master of magic, adventure and mystery, and writes many urban fantasy books and children’s books.

The publisher for his novels is RIGHTER’S MILL PRESS in Princeton, USA. For the film: Three Corners Entertainment, USA.

His new series for children, ALEX AND THE WOLPERTINGER, is published internationally and there will be at least 30 different titles.

Outer Banks Publishing Group, USA, publishes the series of children’s books Alex and the Wolpertinger and Saladin the Wonder Horse.

We have been lucky enough to have an interview for Readwatchandthink

which you can read here where he talks about his writing journey.

The koos Verkaik Releases

We have been fortunate enough to get a list of the books from the author that he would be releasing with his Indian-based publisher, Pharos

Coming Soon: “Hellequin” by Koos Verkaik

Within the pages of “Hellequin,” a world of ancient mysticism collides with modern-day secrets, weaving a mesmerizing tale of magic, fantasy, and adventure like never before! 

Unveil the enigmatic world of Hellequin, where a clandestine society lurks in the shadows, offering a world of wonder and possibilities. Koos Verkaik, the acclaimed master of storytelling, crafts a spellbinding narrative that challenges the boundaries of reality and unleashes the power of transformation.

Secrets and Shadows Dance:

In this captivating novel, secrets intertwine with shadows, weaving a tale of mystery and intrigue. Embrace the enigmatic power that resides within you, for it is a gift unlike any other. But remember, being a Hellequin is both a blessing and a burden—a secret you must navigate, a gift you must treasure.

Unlock the Door to Your Destiny:

Prepare to be captivated, enchanted, and forever changed as you immerse yourself in the world of “Hellequin.” Embrace the fantastical journey that awaits, and discover the secrets that beckon you. Will you answer the call of the Hellequin?

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of “Hellequin,” where the realms of imagination and reality intertwine to create an unforgettable literary escapade!

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So hop on and Enjoy a wonderful ride with Hellequin by Koos Verkaik