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Late July 2023 Releases to be excited for

Since we are hitting the mid-July Mark, we decided to take out a list of books that is in talks for release in the coming weeks. So we have picked a few books that our eyes are glued to. Here is our list

1. One of Us Is Back by Karen M. McManus

I am pretty sure now that it has its screen adaptation out there in the Netflix universe with two seasons, you couldn’t have missed this popular series by Karen M McManus. So the third and final book is expected to release by July 25th and we are excited to see what the finale has in store for us.

2. Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong

Chloe Gong is one author that we have been going ga ga over and needless to say when we hear that she has another book in line. Then we are so there! That is the reason we are excited to learn about the release of her new book which is slated for release in just mere days- July 18th if sources are to be believed. Immortal Longings is a retelling of Antony and Cleopatra in Gong style and would be a start to her new series- Flesh and False Gods. EXCITED WE ARE !!

while we wait for the new book, you can check her previous books here 

3. The Bourne Defiance by Robert Ludlum

There is a new entry into the Bourne dynasty and why wouldn’t we be excited? The New Entrant is expected to release on July 25th and will see Jason Bourne chasing the world in search of whoever is killing the Treadstone agents and unravelling the mysteries behind Defiance. This is probably the 18th entrant in the Bourne world and we are on the lookout for it too.

4. House of Roots and Ruin by Erin A Craig

Slated for release on July 26, this book by Craig would be a Sequel to House of Salt and Sorrows and having loved that book, we are excited to see what the sequel will reveal. well According to Goodreads Page, “When their sister Mercy sends word that the Duchess of Bloem—wife of a celebrated botanist—is interested in having Verity paint a portrait of her son, Alexander, Verity jumps at the chance, but Camille won’t allow it. Forced to reveal the secret she’s kept for years, Camille tells Verity the truth one day: Verity is still seeing ghosts, she just doesn’t know it.” So yes we are looking forward to its release

5. None of This Is True by Lisa Jewell

To add a bit of spice to our reading, we are also excited about Lisa Jewell’s new book, None of This is True. According to the plot premises of the book on its Goodreads Page, the queen of dark thrillers is back to haunt us. The plot summary reads as follows on its official Goodreads page “The paths of two women — Alix Summer and Josie Fair — cross when they are out celebrating their birthdays in the same restaurant.

Big coincidence: they are birthday twins; not only this — they were born in the same hospital.”  The book is slated for release on July 20

So tell us which books are you excited about and what has been your reading month like.

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