Jake Gyllenhaal’s New Secret Society

Do not worry! hold your horses before you assume the worst. Jake Gyllenhaal is venturing for the first time into the children’s book and for his debut book, he is inviting you all to a secret society of Aunts and Uncles. 😛

The Secret Society of Aunts and Uncles is “a madcap, magical adventure into the heart of what it means to have an aunt or uncle—how we learn to keep each other close and how we find love in the simplest things,”

People Magazine

Jake Gyllenhaal is ready to spill secrets out of the experiences he got from all the time he had spent with his own nieces. The book that the actor co-writes with his longtime writing partner and friend Greta Caruso, is actually a story of a 10-year-old Leo and his Uncle Mo and the adventures they have together. Adding colours to the book are the illustrations from Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator Dan Santat.

Speaking about the book, the actor says

“There is no shortage of books for kids about their relationships to parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, neighborhood fire trucks, aloof cats, and loyal dogs… but what about aunts and uncles? As a lifelong nephew and seasoned uncle, I wanted to write a book that shined a light on the singular relationship between an aunt or uncle and their niece or nephew — and the unsung (but essential!) craft of Auntistry and Uncleology,” 

Well, Jake has a point in there.

Also speaking about the inspirations he further says that

Uncle Mo is named for Ramona; a strong-minded Great-Aunt Gloria pays homage to his youngest niece, while the little boy at the center of story, Leo, borrowed his moniker from “my dog,” 

The book will be hitting stores on Sep5. so are you ready to get into this new secret society?

News Source : People

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