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Love Contract by Adhiti Aravind

About the Book- Love Contract

Arush Goenka, a dashing and prosperous businessman, had no idea that a marriage alliance would take him halfway around the world to meet an actress. He has always held a negative view of show business and the women who work in it.

When it comes to the silver screen, no one reigns quite like Tara Raichand, who is both stunningly gorgeous and immensely kind and generous. She is passionate about acting and committed to her career.

Arush and Tara meet after being persuaded by their parents. But when they cross paths, sparks fly. Will they stay drawn to the chemistry between them, or will they be able to ignore the immediate connection they felt and go on?

Arush and Tara cannot be apart, but they also cannot remain together. Will Arush abandon his condition of never marrying an actress and make Tara his wife for life?
Will Tara give up her acting career and passion for starting a life with Arush?

Will Tara & Arush make sacrifices for their love or sacrifice their love?

Love is strange. It can make people do things they wouldn’t do otherwise.

Quote from Love Contract

Our Review of Love Contract

A huge thanks to the author and her team for sharing with me an ARC copy of the book. I surprised myself by finishing the book in one sitting. It has that hook factor for certain. No doubt the author knows how to tell a story. If you want to have a sneak peek into a bit of Bollywood romance then look no further because Love contract has a Bollywood Queen wooed by a Business Tycoon and what’s best is that it is a match made in typical Indian heaven …( forced by parents and relatives :P)

In all seriousness, the author has pulled together the allure of a relationship in Indian settings where you have so many factors apart from the perfect chemistry that goes into its making. Portraying this conflict along with the family bonds, the book tells a good romantic story. The book is fast-paced and also one of the reasons that I was able to sail through it at a speed that even amazed me.

Of course, there were certain areas where I had an issue with. To me, it felt a bit fast because I wanted more time with our couple and the family. Oh, how I wish I would have been able to see more of the sister bond because whatever was fed by the book wasn’t enough for me 😛 So yes I did wish for more depth and time to see the relationships and events grow. But this could be a more of “me” thing. Trust me in a short span, a lot of things happen in the book leaving your mouth open. 


In conclusion, I would say that it’s a quick and bitter-sweet romance that is worth a try. One of the things that the book made me think about was how much should one be willing to sacrifice for a relationship and even if one should sacrifice at all. It’s a pretty interesting topic that is being dealt with. I think with the story the book kind of tries to explain this thing. A short and well-conceived plot.

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