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The Unforgettable Woman by Pankaj Giri

About the Book-The Unforgettable Woman by Pankaj Giri

Abandoned by his wife and daughter and living with his cousin’s son, senior doctor Adarsh leads a lonely and uneventful life . . . until he begins glimpsing someone in the streets of his hometown, Ilathang—a woman he knew once, a woman who had long disappeared.

As Smriti starts working as a teacher at Ilathang Government School, she develops an affectionate bond with her PG owner’s son—a teenage drug addict—which fulfils her childhood craving for a brother. But one day in the summer of 2007, a dramatic turn of events unveils a devastating secret, a secret that turns her life upside down.

Will Adarsh be able to discover the mystery behind the curious glimpses of the woman? Will Smriti be able to recover from the trauma of the shattering secret?

Set in fictional towns in the beautiful state of Sikkim, The Unforgettable Woman is an inspirational, heart-touching story that explores the themes of regret, love, and forgiveness and shows how a single secret can influence several lives.

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Some relationships are unique, ethereal,
you can’t name them, classify them,
you can only relish them, cherish them,
Bathe in their beauty,
For, Unsullied by time or space,
They exist forever.


Read on for our review of The Unforgettable Woman by Pankaj Giri

Our Review of The Unforgettable Woman by Pankaj Giri

First of all, a huge thanks to the author for allowing me to be part of this book adventure. I have been lucky enough to see how it was shaped by being able to see the first draft of the story and now reading the polished and final book with its beautiful cover. So let me begin by saying that the book is not an easy read. If you are getting the impression that the book is going to be a quick and light romantic saga, then you are in for a surprise. The book is so intense and heavy on emotional turmoils that it does jostle you a bit and also make you think and ponder about relationships, grief and especially understanding that not everything comes with a label.

I loved the book for not going the cliche path. One of the things that I was impressed with was how the book played on the aspect that every relationship can’t be boxed and labelled. At the center of the story is one of such a relationship and it was a very interesting arc and powerful thread weaved into the story.

The book is heavy, it is so intense and strong with its emotional components that you might want to take a breather in between. This is also the beauty of the book as it gains its strength through the emotional exploration of its characters. So basically the book delves deeper into emotions, society and the human psyche above all and that is at play throughout the plot.

Each character is very strong throughout the book and also becomes the catalyst to a lot of plot developments as well as making you question and wonder about human relationships and how people deal differently with grief and personal struggles.


So in conclusion, I would say that the book is heavy and intense with human relationships and it is not going to be a quick read but would need your time but one well worth it. A menagerie of deeper and more complex emotions about people who are governed by vulnerabilities and sometimes bad decisions.

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 4 Stars

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