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Her Last Breath by Hilary Davidson

Her Last Breath

About the Book-Her Last Breath

From the bestselling author of One Small Sacrifice comes a suspenseful thriller about a dead woman who predicted her own murder—and the sister who won’t let the truth be buried.

When her beloved sister Caroline dies suddenly, Deirdre is heartbroken. However, her sorrow turns to bone-chilling confusion when she receives a message Caroline sent days earlier warning that her death would be no accident. Long used to being a pariah to her family, Deirdre covers her tattoos and heads to Manhattan for her sister’s funeral.

The message claimed Caroline’s husband, Theo, killed his first wife and got away with it. Reeling from the news, Deirdre confronts Theo on the way to the cemetery, and he reveals both his temper and his suspicion that Deirdre’s “perfect” sister was having an affair.

Paranoid and armed with just enough information to make her dangerous, Deirdre digs into the disturbing secrets buried with Caroline. But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that her own life may be at risk…and that there may be more than one killer in the family.

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Consider the book as a couture dish that is painstakingly time taking but is unlike anything that you might have had before. 

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Our Review- Her Last Breath

And I thought my family was weird. Nope. This one takes the prize for messed up family. Her Last Breath is a slow burner thriller but relax, it is not that dull. It takes a while to reach its crux. So I wouldn’t call it a fast-paced thriller but it is a good and twisty thriller. The family is messed up and the story will prove this point further and further. Even the ones you feel are somewhat sane ends up being weird ones in the end. All this makes the book more interesting.

Her last breath is more of a play on characters than an event-based thriller. Oh! we have a word for it ..right? Psychological thriller. SO yes it is a play of the character traits and the underlying deep and dark secrets that come up at the oddest point and the weirdest way. This, in my book, is good. It makes it more dark, twisted, creepy and hence totally engaging. It becomes more and more interesting to see how more twisted the characters can become.

As I mentioned before, the book is kind of a slow burner. What am I saying…? it is not “kind of” a slow burn but IT IS a slow burner. So don’t lose your patience and start mumbling. Give it a bit of time and then you will see the true potential of the book. Well, I am making it sound so dull. Trust me it is not, consider the book as a couture dish that is painstakingly time taking but is unlike anything that you might have had before. 


In conclusion, I would say that the book is dark and has a lot of triggers but I loved the plot, narration and pace of the book. The book kept it steady and easy to immerse. The book takes a while to bring out the true guns but once it does you can’t stop. So the book is a good engaging thriller with a whole lot of darkness to it. There are some truly messed up stuff in the book but the way it narrated and treats it makes it easier to read and softens the blows.

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