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Playing Rough by Meenu Pillai (Marwah Series #1)

About the Book-Playing Rough by Meenu Pillai


My hunter becomes my saviour…
He is the rising star in the world of cricket; every girl’s dream, but my nightmare, and he is out for blood.
He threatens me.
He humiliates me.
He turns my moment of shame into a viral sensation.
Then I come to know the truth underneath all that venom. And everything changes.

My prey becomes my solace…
She is the coach’s daughter, and she is on the verge of destroying something I hold dear.
She hates me.
She challenges me.
She fights back.
And I can go to any extent to stop her.
But that was before I fell for her fatal charm. Now I want her at all costs.

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“Playing safe was overrated. One must play rough in order to push destiny to fulfil one’s dreams.”

Read on for our review of Playing Rough by Meenu Pillai

Our Review of Playing Rough

First of all a huge thanks to the author for trusting me with this book 🙂. I think this has been by far the most charming slow-burn romance that I have read in an Indian setting. The couple has so many push and pulls that the romance only comes to its full fruition in the end and I loved how the two characters were bullheaded and kept pushing each other over the edge because it made for an interesting read. It was like watching an MMA show from the sidelines. One of the other things that I loved about the book is how many sub-tracks it has because it gives the book a lot more depth. So the book not only has the two characters and their dynamics in focus but a whole lot of other things that are happening parallelly and in the background. If the author decides to create a universe out of this book, she would never run out of ideas. I was so awed and inspired by how the seeds of so many subplots were inserted into the book without complicating it.

For example, there are of course the four boys(club 4) then there are other side characters like the girl’s best friend and her best friend then there is this whole father-daughter thing, the whole Singhania family dynamics, in fact even the past/ back story of our characters is worth an epic series in itself. So I loved how in a short span, the book has so much going for it that if explored it can create a whole universe out of it.

I loved the romance because it had a natural arc to it. The enemies to friends had strong reasoning and base because of which you can see and see sense in their actions. Plus it is fun to see the game in action. I was a fan of our central character because she remained true to her character till the last and wasn’t mopping the floor with her jaw just because the guy was Adonis’s incarnation.

Well, the book is a homage to cricket and it bleeds blue at every chance it could get but even if you are clueless about the sport then too you can enjoy it with full fun as I did.

I don’t believe this is a quick in and quick out read because with so much packed into one book, you might want to stay for the ride and pay your full attention and you will end up giving it without even realising.

if you have read the book then you might understand my yearning when I say that I can’t wait to read Playing Hard ( the second in the series) because that book is all about Kabir and you can’t deny that the guy had piqued enough of our curiosity in the first book that we can’t deny an opportunity to know more about this guy who is both hot and cold.


In conclusion, the book plays on the enemies-to-lovers trope and is done with some mighty and thick plot lines that give so much depth and substance to the whole book. So basically the book plays with a little bit of everything, daddy issues, sibling rivalry, family dynamics, broken home syndromes, love, passion, friendship, cricket and good old college days. So it has got a whole bouquet of elements which I felt was one of the best parts of the book. It has depth to it.

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 4 Stars

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