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Partner In Crime by Alaa Lafir

About the Book- Partner In Crime by Alaa Lafir

“An action sweetened with romance”

Officer Aiden Johnson is not his type. Despite her physical appearance she is strong, a well-trained fighter, she is the first young officer who took over many cases in the south police department, she fights for justice but not a stickler. A woman who never cares about social status and never bothers about society’s opinions, she prefers to be in a silent environment and in a small circle of friends, an introvert, calm yet hot headed, to be more specific she is a person who is serious, blunt and dry.

Idol Riley Mintz is not her type. An unpopular idol who was dispelled from a famous boy group due to an unsolved scandal. A celebrity who will do anything to please the public, a person who never hesitates to fake himself. Society’s opinions is his first priority, in a way that negative topics of him puts him under deep pressure. A man who hangs out often, mingles with many friends, extrovert, playful and dramatic.

Fired and break up, Aiden was ready to take over any job as for shortage of finance, from all the jobs applied she receives an instant reply from Lawyer Mintz, who is looking for a bodyguard to protect his son, Riley Mintz. Although he objects his father’s decision, circumstances force them to stick together, as strangers they become partners when they join hands to hop on a fight against the immoral conglomerate of Aim’s, a very corrupt group of companies. Their partnership bond flips to friendship until the time spent together pulls them closer as they are revealed to each other’s shining sides. Their atmosphere sweetens as they grow intimate feelings.

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“Regret is more painful than separation”

Read on for our review of Partner In Crime by Alaa Lafir

Our Review of Partners in Crime

A huge thanks to the author for trusting me with the book for an honest review.

The book is like a K-drama. why? because if you are a K drama fan then you would know that they only have a few episodes and in those few episodes things go from zero to 100 with each one and they encompass a lot in that little time frame. Similarly, Partner in Crime is like a big box of adrenaline. The book has so much going on and so many plot twists and developments that it definitely will keep you occupied. I did love the book as a whole because there were so many things happening with the plot. At the same time, I did have my issues with the book. So I think I will say out loud the things that bothered me in the book first.

I think the issues I had with the book converge down to one major point. Erratic narration. I felt that the author had all the plot twists marked and paved in her head clearly but somehow when it came to replicating in words, there was a bit of hit and miss. You can see that a lot of things are lost in sentences. There are a lot of events, characters and instances which got missed because the backstory relevant to understanding them was missing or was finished in one little line. For example, I remember one of the characters (I guess it was Kim? ) The chapter unfolds talking about this guy who just had a brush with the law and had faced some consequences because of it …. and I was like …wait? Who is this guy? What sort of brush with the law? when did this happen? how is this guy related to what is going on? and what sort of consequence? So this is there with a lot of characters including our female lead’s father and his backstory. some of the supporting characters also suffer from this lack of proper introduction or back story because at times I felt that I had picked a book from the middle of the series and that is why I am clueless about their origins and relation to the plot line.

I may have made it sound worse but it is not as bad as I have made it sound. It’s just that with the plot having so many tracks, and a bit more depth in terms of the layout and backstories of the events that are happening, the adrenaline level could have been massive. Because with what it has currently it is a thriller ride. But the lack of details or the fastness in getting to the current scene kind of makes it difficult to get engaged because you feel you are missing details.

One of the other funniest things is our female lead is named Aiden and my mind was so stubborn that it would only recognize Aiden as a boy’s name and it kept messing my brain in the beginning. This also happened with Chloe, our Female lead’s friend who again is a guy in the book and my brain is nope… Chloe is a girl’s name. It’s A ME THING but yeah it was a bit funny dilemma I had while reading this book

Phew!! I think I had done a lot more damage here so I am going to stop myself from digging further grave. So let me tell you what I loved about the book. The plot. Oh, Lord! The way it encompasses so many twists and turns. Just when you think yeah we know what will happen, something deviates and takes it to another direction and this aspect kept it exciting. If the book could take a bit more time to lay out a particular scene and give it time to build it up, this book would have been one hell of an adrenaline ride.

Also, I think this is the first time I have seen a female character who didn’t need saving and instead kept saving our guy every time. I found it both hilarious and adorable. Even with so much going on in the plot, I would still say that it is a quick and interesting read. Loved how the plot kept elevating itself and I think that was one of the best parts of the book.


In conclusion, I would say that Partners in Crime is a quick adorable read that has so much going on in terms of its plot twists. I did wish for a more solid foundation and layout on which the events took place so that I could fully immerse into this world of two opposite characters coming together in a very adrenaline-filled theme. And if the author doesn’t kill me after reading my review, I will find you guys in another review.
Peace out ✌️

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