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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

About the Book -The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Vanessa Mazur knows she’s doing the right thing. She shouldn’t feel bad for quitting. Being an assistant/housekeeper/fairy godmother to the top defensive end in the National Football Organization was always supposed to be temporary. She has plans and none of them include washing extra-large underwear longer than necessary.

But when Aiden Graves shows up at her door wanting her to come back, she’s beyond shocked.

For two years, the man known as The Wall of Winnipeg couldn’t find it in him to tell her good morning or congratulate her on her birthday. Now? He’s asking for the unthinkable.

What do you say to the man who is used to getting everything he wants?

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“What no one tells you is that the road to accomplishing your goals isn’t a straight line; it looks more like a corn maze. You stopped, you went, you backed up, and took a few wrong turns along the way, but the important thing you had to remember was that there was an exit. Somewhere.”

Read on for our review of The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Our Review of The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Oh my god! This is absolutely f****ing favourite romance of mine, from now onwards. Literally, I discovered my new favourite author by reading this book. So much so that I went on to read two more books by the author after this book. I didn’t know that there was an actual genre of slow romances and that Mariana Zapata is the queen of it. 

I went crazy reading this book (technically listening as I had it on audio) as it was perfect in every way because it seemed more sensible. I could see how this romance was possible rather than reading Insta romances where the heroin and hero are instantly swapping saliva with each other and decide they are eternally bonded. 

Don’t get me wrong, this book also uses the usual tropes. Forcing two completely opposite characters ( preferably they already hate to the point of plotting murders on each other), to work together. Then constantly push them into viable romantic situations and watch the romance bloom. Yes, the book has all of them but then they are not instantly all over licking each other :P. They behave as any two people in real life would behave. Stay civil, and cordial, and keep all your lust and leerings in check so as not to creep the other person out.

I loved how the book takes time to bring the characters to a point where they can see the scope of the relationship. There is a naturality to it but yes which means that you will have to actually sit down and watch as the course of the plot takes its time and I loved that about the book. This is exactly my kind of book where there is a bit of sense and practicality to the relationship. 

There is no magical moment where the heroin removes her eyeglasses and suddenly she is drop-dead gorgeous. She is as she is and thankfully remains the same. Usually, the girl is a strong sensible woman in the first few pages and as the alpha male enters, she is literally on her knees. Also, the guy in the book is not a serial “dater” or serial “sleeper” and a serial “heart-breaker” to create the illusion that he is a bad guy. The guy is deemed “Bad” because he is pretty adamant and straightforward in what he believes and sticks to it. That may come off as rude and arrogant. Thankfully he too stays as he is throughout rather than all of a sudden weeping and handing out chocolates, completely different to how he started off in the book.

I loved how the author kept the entire book clean and put together a massive Sex scene for the last page to make up for it. So it is perfect for those who might not enjoy all the sex scenes. all they need to do is enjoy the story and just skip the last chapter. 

I am too pink-eyed and excited over this book, that I might not even make sense of what I am saying but the underlying fact is that it is brilliant.


In conclusion, I loved the book to pieces because this is exactly my kind of book. But to be fair, this is a slow romance book. So if you love your romances to get right into hot action, lip-smacking their way to glory, then you are in the wrong place. This is a romance that would take a natural course, build on two people, then their chemistry rather than first creating chemistry and then thinking about the characters. This book made me a fan of Mariana Zapata and by the time I am writing this review, I have already finished reading two more books from her collection. Absolute favourite.

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 5 Star

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