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All These Bodies by Kendare Blake

About the Book-All These Bodies

Sixteen bloodless bodies. Two teenagers. One impossible explanation.

Summer 1958—a string of murders plagues the Midwest. The victims are found in their cars and in their homes—even in their beds—their bodies drained, but with no blood anywhere. 

September 19- the Carlson family is slaughtered in their Minnesota farmhouse, and the case gets its first lead: 15-year-old Marie Catherine Hale is found at the scene. She is covered in blood from head to toe, and at first she’s mistaken for a survivor. But not a drop of the blood is hers.

Michael Jensen, son of the local sheriff, yearns to become a journalist and escape his small-town. He never imagined that the biggest story in the country would fall into his lap, or that he would be pulled into the investigation, when Marie decides that he is the only one she will confess to. 

As Marie recounts her version of the story, it falls to Michael to find the truth: What really happened the night that the Carlsons were killed? And how did one girl wind up in the middle of all these bodies?

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“All these bodies without blood,” she said. “And you won’t believe in vampires. Yet you believe in God.” 

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Our Review of All These Bodies

Ok somebody needs to explain this book to me. Either it is me or the book is somehow incomplete? The book left more questions open than it could answer. I diligently went through the book, gathering clues and scrolling through every event and action that had been happening and in the end it comes out to nothing and left me hanging and this is not even a series. So where is the rest of the book? What exactly did happen in the book? Who will give me the answers? I felt I have been walking through a tunnel and suddenly when I came out, it was the same place where I started. 

The book opens with such a massive plot and then from there on it just keeps growing and getting more and more intense. No doubt that the book keeps you hooked so badly that you want to get to the bottom of the book as quickly as possible. This is exactly why I felt cheated when I reached the end. Either I couldn’t understand the ending and see what the author was showing or seriously the book missed the main point while raising the stakes higher. The Ending

The book had a very unique plotline and the theme and the way it was treated were so distinctive that the book just kept getting so addictive. I was so invested in it and was waiting for all the suspense to wind down and come down to its main revelations. If it happened I missed it because I still have no clue as to what happened in the book. All I could say it that I felt the Buzz but couldn’t see the source. I got a jolt when all of a sudden I was at the end and things were still left at their loose end and creating more confusion than an actual plot end.


I seriously feel that I was cheated out of a good ending. I honestly have no idea what happened in the book. There was so much build-up but there was no actual happening. From the beginning of the book, things build up to a point where the suspense kills you. You want to get to the bottom of things but when the actual end comes, the book just stops. It stops. I mean who will explain to me what happened? What were the answers to all those questions we have been asking? What now? Where does it go from here? I don’t know if it is a me thing or a writer thing or some new kind of trend that I am not aware of

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