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Between Two Strangers by Kate White

About the Book-Between Two Strangers by Kate White

A woman receives a bewildering inheritance that may have something to do with her past in this twisty and addictive psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author Entertainment Weekly calls “impossible to outwit.”

Struggling artist Skyler Moore is flabbergasted when she receives a suspicious phone call from a lawyer she’s never met regarding a “private matter.” As soon as she arrives at the law firm’s office, she learns she’s the recipient of a large inheritance, a life-changing sum that will allow her to realize her long-held dream of becoming a mother. But who was her benefactor, Christopher Whaley? The late man’s name means nothing to Skyler, and she has no idea why he would leave her such an enormous bequest.

Looking into his background, Skyler finally realizes they met once at a hotel bar and shared a one-night stand. But they never exchanged numbers, or even last names, and that was over a decade ago. She wonders if the inheritance is meant to be a message of some kind, but can’t imagine what it might be.

Chris’ family is confused and suspicious too, and his widow accuses Skyler of having an affair with her late husband, then threatens revenge. In order to protect herself, Skyler has to understand the reason the money was left to her. But as she digs for the truth, it becomes clear that Chris Whaley might have taken other secrets to the grave, ones that could have terrifying consequences for her . . .

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The pace and narration have their ups and downs.

Read on for our review of Between Two Strangers by Kate White

Our Review of Between Two Strangers by Kate White

I have mixed opinions of this book. Technically Between Two Strangers is a good thriller, Has a good plotline, suspense elements, and twists and turns to keep it all exciting but perhaps it’s the way everything ended and explained eventually that kind of ticked me in the wrong way. The pace and narration have their ups and downs. There are too many layers to this story. This worked both for and against the book.

As I said there are too many layers and the author for a major part of the book builds and nurtures all these layers so perfectly that you can’t help but be glued to the book. This makes it a nice little thriller …right? Except there comes a point that there are so many of these layers that it eventually can’t balance itself on the base. So picture like an ambitious multi-tiered cake. Each layer is exquisite and amazing on its own but once they are all put together, the balance becomes so shifty that it tumbles. I believe that what happened with the book.

The amount of suspense and plot thickness builds up so much that eventually when we reach the end it all feels….. meh! I guess maybe as readers, our expectations rise so high that it doesn’t match up with what eventually unfolds. It was like we were expecting an epic proportion of revelation but had to be sated with something very mundane and plain

So you can understand that despite everything that may work for the book, the thrills, chills and goosebumps, it’s the lingering feeling after you close a book that matters. For me, it was …that’s it?


So, in conclusion, I would say that for a thriller the book isn’t bad but somehow I wasn’t a fan of how everything ties up and that kind of made me a bit disappointed in the book. But to someone else, the very same ending may be what they had envisioned so that is why I would say it’s better to give this book a try because various subplots actually are more fascinating.

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