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Ride by Harper Dallas (The Wild Sequence #1)

About the Book- Ride

No one rides like Chase Austin.

Bad boy. Player. Adrenaline junkie. Snowboarder Chase Austin has a reputation—and not just for being the world’s best extreme athlete. He’s as cold as the mountains he rides, loyal only to his crew . . . and panties drop wherever he goes.

Photographer Brooke Larson knows better than to let him get through her emotional Kevlar. So what if she used to have his poster on her bedroom wall? She’s not a teenager with a crush anymore. Chase Austin is her key to the big time, and she’s getting his photo no matter what.

Too bad the only place Chase wants her is in his bed.

Men leave. Success is forever. Brooke knows the drill, and she’s not letting anyone get in the way of her career—or into her heart.

But whether it’s on the slopes or between the sheets, riding with the best means risking it all.

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“She’s still the thing that frightens me most in the world. I guess that’s what the real thing does to you . You know how much it means to you, and you never want to lose it.”

Read on for our review of Ride by Harper Dallas

Our Review of Ride by Harper Dallas

I know that for a bad boy romance, the guy has to be “bad” and it was bad but just not the way I expected it to be. The book is everything that your usual contemporary romance promises. Bad boy, good girl, scarring pasts and consequently leading to questionable actions and behaviours of the characters. So the book has got all that. Somehow, I simply couldn’t put up with the male character because I couldn’t see any spark or redeemable quality in the character. Every character seemed to be well cut out and given proper roles and characteristics except for the main character because it seemed to be struggling with a lot of styles but nothing fitting correctly.

So basically there are two major issues that I had with the book. One is as I mentioned above, that I couldn’t find anything that would make me relate to or tolerate the male character. The second reason is the romance. This is a contemporary romance. So the least you would expect is to have a romance that would justify everything. For me, the romance in the book was what made it hard for me to digest. No! Don’t take it that it is bad. It’s just that it didn’t feel like romance. It felt more like a forced interaction and hanging out rather than two individuals falling for each other. There was no naturality to it. It felt like a collection of various romantic settings and these characters being put together to create some kind of lover vibe but not being able to fully justify it.

I couldn’t see the romance, to be honest. It felt more like a bunch of people on a ride together with sports acting as a background and the book just going through various events that happen during this “ride”. Honestly, the book actually shines through its secondary characters because they performed much better than the central characters. These secondary characters (the team members) had much more spark and allure.


In conclusion, I would say that the book per se has all the usual ingredients but these somehow aren’t able to bring out the dish well cooked. Surprisingly the romance of the book was the biggest deal breaker for me owing partly to a central male character who had no relatability or spark.

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