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Bossman by Vi Keeland

About the Book- Bossman

The first time I met Chase Parker, I didn’t exactly make a good impression. 

I was hiding in the bathroom hallway of a restaurant, leaving a message for my best friend to save me from my awful date.

He overheard and told me I was a bitch, then proceeded to offer me some dating advice.

So I told him to mind his own damn business—his own tall, gorgeous, full-of-himself damn business—and went back to my miserable date.

When he walked by my table, he smirked, and I watched his arrogant, sexy ass walk back to his date.

I couldn’t help but sneak hidden glances at the condescending jerk on the other side of the room. Of course, he caught me on more than one occasion, and winked.

When the gorgeous stranger and his equally hot date suddenly appeared at our table, I thought he was going to rat me out.

But instead, he pretended we knew each other and joined us—telling elaborate, embarrassing stories about our fake childhood.

My date suddenly went from boring to bizarrely exciting.

When it was over and we parted ways, I thought about him more than I would ever admit, even though I knew I’d never see him again.

I mean, what were the chances I’d run into him again in a city with eight million people?
Then again…

What were the chances a month later he’d wind up being my new sexy boss?

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“You have my heart. Promise me you’ll keep it safe.’
‘Only if you promise never to give mine back.”

Read on for our review of Bossman by Vi Keeland

Our Review of Bossman by Vi Keeland

Everybody seems to be liking this book left and right. Moreover, readers of this book seem to be in awe of the book, while I am struggling to find that awe. As a contemporary and Hot Boy/alpha Male romance, I did expect to find things that would put me in defence mode but even overlooking those factors, I still couldn’t find that underlying beauty of the book that is making people go wild over this book. Maybe it’s me?

Technically Bossman has all the usual elements and catches on to the same train. To be honest, I felt that the book played safe by sticking to all the basics and nothing extra to make it a tad bit more interesting so when I see that this book holds such massive love and ratings, I am forced to rethink what I missed in the book

I personally had issues with both the Central characters because both of them were given roles of convenience. The girl is only smart, intelligent and headstrong when the story demands it. All the other times she is a tweety bird. Chirping and chatting. Guy again is rude, and arrogant but just when the script demands he is the patron saint of damsels, knowing exactly when to serve her chocolate and when a full box of wine… oh come on! Pick a side people.

As such the book doesn’t have very many problems except the ones we usually find in contemporary (read SMUT) romances. Very questionable characters and even more questionable behaviours. Same settings – a big bad wolf (but a good-looking, six-pack and filthy rich wolf) and a pure little red riding hood hoping to make the wolf vegetarian by dressing herself with the best seasonings and serving herself on a silver platter. (insert eye roll).  But yes there is actually one thing that I found very strange. Like every book, this one also required “something from the past” that should come to bite in the ass. And it did. It came. The only problem is that it didn’t bite that hard and in fact it makes the readers a bit uncomfortable to swallow when they try to force-feed a serious thing with absolutely no effort. I found that a bit strange as what the book had as a painful past was a pretty good plotline worth exploring and that would have been a far better plot for the book than an employee trying to get “extra hours” with the boss. ( Put your damn pitchforks down…you know I am right… they are doing it in the office …*strong eye-roll* )


In conclusion, I would say expect nothing different from the book as it follows the usual schematics of the Hot Guy romance. So you will get all the usual stuff in this one too. Honestly, I couldn’t find it any different from other books of the same genre. So much so that it all seems to blur together. So to be fair, if you love this genre to death, this book is absolutely perfect and will be a collectible. But if you have had enough of this genre and are looking for a bit different one to read, then abort.

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