Iron Man’s cool food

Robert Downey Jr. has played many roles and has taken on many projects on his able shoulders. The man seems to be unstoppable as after the latest praise-worthy performance in Oppenheimer, his next big project seems to be a book. Not just any kind of book but a book that will teach you how to bring a change in the world, one bite at a time.

“eye-opening” information, action items and over two dozen delicious recipes aimed to help both readers and the planet”

BlackStone Publishing

Robert Downey Jr has teamed up with Thomas Kostigen,

a well know environmentalist author for his book, Cool Food: Erasing Your Carbon Footprint One Bite at a Time. The book is a researched and collaborative effort by both Downey Jr. and Kostigen to teach and show the readers practical and reliable solutions for sustainable eating habits. It even has about a dozen of fresh recipes too.

“Our best global food future requires no hand-wringing, fad diets, or radical shame—just a perspective shift to discovering the many solutions in plain sight,” Downey said. “With Kostigen in the cockpit, and Blackstone’s formidable ground control, it should be an actionable adventure. Join us.”

Kostigen says “ As the great Yogi Berra once said, ‘The future ain’t what it used to be.’ Increasingly, we are presented with forecasts of a worsening climate. Cool Food shows how we can change that outlook for the better by making a few different choices at the grocery store, trying something new on the restaurant menu, and by keeping an eye out for foods that store more carbon in the ground rather than polluting the air.”

According to Blackstone Publishing, which is the force that is bringing out the book, the book contains ” “eye-opening” information, action items and over two dozen delicious recipes aimed to help both readers and the planet”

People Magazine even had an exclusive cover reveal of the book and according to Deadline Magazine

“Downey and Kostigen will provide specifics on how to create a carbon-free diet, and dissect their own take on their cool food paradigm. The duo will walk readers through the adventures they embarked on that unfold a 360º story about where these foods are grown and sold – ranging from exotic regions, local productions, and giant wholesale markets, and the simple and Michelin-star restaurants at which they are served.”

The book is scheduled for a January 2024 release.

When Iron Man says to eat right, we eat right….right? So are you excited about the book? or are you excited to see Robert Downey Jr in his new role as an author?

News Source : People , Deadline

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