You don’t mess with BTS Army

If you are a BTS fan, then you probably would be aware of the fact that the band had released a book, Beyond the Story. Well if you were not aware then let us give you a brief. BTS would probably be the biggest Boy Band of our times due to their global popularity and reach. If anything beats their popularity then it has to be probably their fans, ARMY who are an entity in itself. So on the occasion of the 10th year celebration of the band, BTS released a book as a treat for their fans. Like anything that BTS touches, the book was a massive hit on its very release. The book topped the Newyork Bestselling List. To commemorate this, Arirang News recently had a feature on the success of the book and now a reporter is facing the wrath of the entire BTS Army for trying to underplay the band’s and the Book’s success.

BTS’s ARMY are known for their formidable purchasing power. They buy up to 3 million copies of BTS albums

Haley Yang

Haley Yang, a K-pop reporter and a journalist from Korea JoongAng Daily was roped in for her take on the success of the book. In sharing her thoughts, she sort of came out as saying that the success of the book may not be because of the actual book but the enthusiasm of the Army worldwide who would stock and buy the book in bulk.

“There’s also probably a bigger reason behind a book reaching No. 1 on the list by a Korean K-Pop band, right? Well, first of all, if you think about it, BTS’s ARMY are known for their formidable purchasing power. They buy up to 3 million copies of BTS albums whenever they release one and ever since June of last year, if you notice, there has been no album of BTS because of their official announcement of a group hiatus.”

This statement didn’t go well with the Army who is attacking her now and even saying that she should have done her research properly. Army has been on social media counterattacking Yang’s claim saying that she is insulting the group and the book by putting across such statements.

Beyond the Story has already topped lists and probably will continue to do so. The book is a sort of biography touching upon every aspect of the band from their debut days to future projects. Well at least Yang is true in one claim that ARMY is a formidable group and you don’t mess with them

So what do you think? Is the reporter demeaning the success of the book or are her words being misread? and most importantly are you an Army?

News Source : sportskeeda, koreaboo

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