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God of Malice (Legacy of Gods, #1) by Rina Kent

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About the Book-God of Malice (Legacy of Gods, #1) by Rina Kent

I caught the attention of a monster.
I didn’t ask for it. 
Didn’t even see it coming.
But the moment I do, it’s too late.
Killian Carson is a predator wrapped in sophisticated charm.
He’s cold-blooded, manipulative, and savage.
The worst part is that no one sees his devil side.
I do.
And that will cost me everything.
I run, but the thing about monsters?
They always chase.

This book is not a conventional romance and contains themes that aren’t to everyone’s liking. Please check the author’s note before reading.

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“Deep inside this man lurks a cold-blooded monster that’s often luring him to the edge. He says I keep him from taking the fall. Before me, he used to be an aimless monster. Now, he’s my monster.” 

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Our Review of God of Malice

This is one book where I want to say a lot but at the same time don’t want to. I admit that the book is written and narrated well because had it not been the case, the book wouldn’t have been able to provoke such a strong reaction. When I picked up the book, of course, I knew what I was getting into but the level of dark and volatile substance that awaited me in the book was equivalent to nightmarish. Simply put the book was as much repulsive as much as it was addictive. So the book on one hand made my skin boil but on the other hand, left me hanging there by a nail.

To be clear, I refuse to call this book romance. Anybody who calls this romance…….. Well God help you because what calls for romance in this book, is the very stuff that led to the need for restraining orders and a division for stalker and assault crimes. Man !! The things I had to bear witness to in this book… It is a good thing that I was on an audiobook or perhaps that was what made it so horrifying?

From page one, the book is filled with every possible scenario of sexual assault and the way it happens and on repeat just pierces the dagger more and more into you. I can go on and on about the stuff of nightmares happening in the book but that will ruin the purpose of a review

Let me be on neutral ground and talk about the book.

This book has a massive amount of trigger warnings. Even those who don’t mind violent and abusive stuff would perhaps start seeking trigger warnings after this. Anyways the point is that the writing and narration are so strong that you can’t help but get impacted and dragged into the book. I genuinely despised what was called romance in the book but at the same time, I am in awe of everything else in the book. If you look at the book as a story of a twisted individual, then this is a fab job. It is quite obvious that the book is going to embark on a universe of its characters and their stories because there are a whole bunch of characters whose own storylines seem to be already germinating.

With my revulsion to the main core of the plot ( the couple and their relationship), I thought there wouldn’t be much scope for the book. But ironically the book, if you surpass the violent relationship drama, has whole new stuff to look forward to. Rival clubs, badass characters, creepy initiations and events, family ties and some really MF scenes.


In conclusion, I would say God of Malice (Legacy of Gods, #1) by Rina Kent, for me, was like watching the goriest accident scene that inspire of horrifying me to the core and left me glued and enthralled. Given a choice again, I wouldn’t pick this up because while I am ok with a bit of violent relationship passing off as romance in my books, this was way too much for me to handle. But if you look at the power it generates in provoking your emotions, the book does a good job at that.

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