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Best book series that you can binge read – Part 2 of the Duology

Welcome back to the part 2 of our list. As I mentioned in the previous article, believe me there are a thousand more series out there to explore. I can’t possibly recommend something that I haven’t yet read myself or even completed. That is why I am picking the series that I have actually read and felt was worth the time and effort. Because that’s the thing with series. It takes a lot of time and effort, but a rewarding one at that, if a series is that good. If you have been a huge reader, then you will know what I mean.

With a series, you literally become part of that fiction world. You start knowing each of the characters inside out or on the off chance even hating them too. But that is the beauty. You get more and more invested. So that is why I am picking my favourites that you can actually try and enjoy binge read.

So let us jump in

1. The Young Elites Series by Marie Lu

This is one serious that totally messed with my brain. You look at the first book and then the last one in the series and nothing is same. This is the beauty of the book. Over the course of three books, so much happens in the series that your brain is pushed into a whirlwind. The author clearly was in a bad mood because she doesn’t go easy on any of the characters. They go through so much and even deaths that you wouldn’t even believe. That is why it makes one hell of a ride

While reading about the Renaissance, I wondered, “What would happen if some of the survivors from the bubonic plague actually came out of their illness with strange powers?” The story evolved from there. An original version of this story had Adelina in the role of the typical villain, but it was my agent who suggested making her the main character. That was the initial trigger for the idea of writing a villain’s origin story.

Marie Lu on Young Elites

2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series by Laini Taylor

The thing about Daughter of smoke and bones series is that it is not an easy series. I have rarely come across a book where I don’t have any particular reaction to the book while reading it but as soon as I close the book, the characters and events keeps haunting and haunting till I couldn’t stop the voices by picking up the next book. That is the magic of the book. Its has a tricky pace. The books starts slow and when it catches momentum, you can’t breathe. Its only when you read the book when you realize the cunningness of the title of the books in the series

I was freewriting, just for fun, and Karou and Brimstone appeared out of nowhere as though they were just waiting for me to notice them. It was thrilling! I fell in love with them at once, and a couple of random details caught my eye. Those were: the trading of teeth, and Brimstone’s wishbone. Once I started asking “why?” the concept began to emerge.

Laini Taylor on Daughter of smoke and Bone Series

3. Monsters of Verity Series by Victoria Schwab

This is probably the only duology in this list, but you can’t skip this series. It’s just two books but the impact of this book is so huge that I didn’t think even a four book series would have achieved. Two books and so much of action happens in the book that you wouldn’t stop at the first one. Yes you can thank me later for pointing towards this book.

The inspiration for Verity itself came from a very dark place: reality. Surrounded as we are by so many acts of violence, I began to wonder: what if there was an aftermath? Not just the loss, the shrapnel, but something psychic, something cosmic. That question gave way to the monsters of Verity, each born from an act of violence.

Victoria Schwab on Monsters of Verity series

4. I hunt Killers series by Barry Lyga

This is a series that I wished more people could talk about. I haven’t seen this book much on any of the reading community or perhaps its too old for people to bring the hype on it. Anyways the whole plot of the book itself should be calling you to pick up this series. A son of a serial killer running away from his own family. Wait till you see how everything ends in this series. I had read this book way back when I had discovered the passion of reading and the book still remains in my top lists

I started to ask myself, what if you had one of these guys who was really, really smart and studied the history of serial killers, so he knew what everybody did that got them caught, and he could avoid those things? So that was the beginning of it.

Barry Lyga on I HUNT Killers series

5. The Curse workers Series by Holly Black

Oh God !! this whole series is pure joy and magic. It has got nothing of your cliché paranormal plots or romance. In fact I think the romance in the book should be a template for how it should be treated when you have such a powerful story line. Each book in the series is a pearl. Like a perfect series, each one ties to another so seamlessly and makes you craving for more.

I got the idea for the series when I was thinking about the ways that magicians in books are organized. You have schools of magic, like in Harry Potter. You have councils of magic that behave something like corporate boards of directors. And then I was thinking of other organizational models and I thought—what about organized crime?

Holly Black on The Curse Worker Series

Honorary mentions

Everneath Series by Brodi Ashton

I am a huge Greek mythology fan and to have a book on hades and persepherone myth and that too so well dipped in romance especially with a drooling love triangle, this series remains my guilty pleasure. Ironically the book is so appealing to me because of its antagonist. The whole character arc of the antagonist is so well crafted that even though it may come off as cliché, the book is a perfect paranormal romance treat

The whole reason I wrote the book was because I had this scene in my mind, where a girl returns to her high school after a long mysterious absence. Rumors about where she’s been the whole time are spreading through the school, but all she cares about is seeing the boy she left behind.

Brodi Ashton on Everneath Series

Mara Dyer Series by Michelle Hodkin

If everneath can make it then I suppose I will have to give it to Mara Dyer series as well. The only trouble is that the middle book in the series was a little pace breaker to the entire series and that is the only reason why I didn’t want to allot it the sacred list place but otherwise the series is a good bargain.

It’s definitely inspired by a real event. There was a person who I met in 2008 and she started telling me about her daughter, who’d been in this building collapse. That’s not the law that I practice, so I couldn’t help her, but I took down her information. As she turned to leave, I realized that her daughter had been with her the whole time and I just was immediately struck by the sense that there was more to the story. A year later, someone said something that reminded me of that girl, so I called the number and it was disconnected. It was just like lightning — I was on the plane ride home from my brother’s graduation and I literally started writing on the plane. It was immediate — one day I was a lawyer and the next day I was a writer.

Michelle Hodkin on Mara Dyer Series

While these are just my pick, of course each book appeals differently to each readers and that’s the beauty of it. That is why this whole book review things works. To understand how each of us take the essence of our favourite books. Let us know which series you agree with from our list or if you think there is a series that we absolutely must feature next time.

Till then let us know what were your favourite series and how many have you read from above?


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