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10 Perfect Candyfloss Romances to Read

After a week of picking up romance books and kind of getting overdosed on them, I thought of listing some of the romance books that I have read and loved so far. Now, Romance is pretty broad a category and that is why I am specifically picking up books that I call Candyfloss Romance

Candyfloss Romance – The Definition

Simple Unicorn coloured romances that have no complications. No angst, no emotional rollercoaster but simple romantic ingredients like A hot adonis Male Character. A beautiful but underdressed ( so as not to come across as vain ) coy Female character. Possibly the most adorable best friend or family. Enemies to Lovers. Lovers Spat and then Happy ending

Ok, that may sound condescending but trust me sometimes even though we may roll our eyes on the cliché, these romances do kind of make us believe for at least a minute or so that maybe our world isn’t that bad 😛 and maybe prince charming isn’t that bad of an idea

My point is that the books that I am listing down below are sweet, adorable and fluffy cotton candy romances that you can indulge in after a long week or day and can help you relax and feel cheery.
Also before we step into the list I need to make certain things straight

Fact 1: I am a huge Kasie West fan and her books are like a synonym of candyfloss romances for me. Hence the reason why you would be seeing many of her books in this list. Oh same for Christina Lauren too (which is a recent discovery)

Fact 2: When it comes to romance, undoubtedly Indian fiction has a plethora to offer. Since I do not wish to die soon, I am completely avoiding Indian authors for now and probably do a list of the best Desi reads in future.

Fact 3: As you probably have noticed that we recently faced a huge crash with our original website so a lot of our reviews went with that so I am leaving links to my Goodreads account for some of the reviews but unfortunately some of those reviews were also a link back to our old website. That is why it may only have a tiny portion of the review.

Fact 4: The list does not follow any sequence but is placed randomly which means last in the list doesn’t mean that the book is not worthy of being picked up first.

So here we go….

1. To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han

How can we start the list without the epic romance series by Jenny Han? If you haven’t read the books or watched the Netflix series then you should rectify that with immediate effect. There is a reason why there is such a massive fan following for the series. It is adorable and the cutest romance series that you can indulge in.

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2. The love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

The whole reason why I started this list was because of The Love Hypothesis. Ever since I heard the book ( That’s right I went for the audiobook for this one) I was like maybe romance books aren’t that bad. Sometimes it can be a very good idea. So there I was jotting down this entire list. The Love hypothesis is set around the academic background and is so smooth and adorably narrated romance, that you will see the charm in reading a fluffy candyfloss romance.

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3. The Unhoneymooners by Christine Lauren

The reason why I loved the book was ironically not the romance but the whole family. That I guess is one of the specialities of Christine Lauren books. The duo ( yes these are two authors ) focus equally on secondary characters along with their central ones. Set against the backdrop of Hawaii, the book feels like a perfect vacation read. The setting is adorable, the characters and the whole romance arc makes it an uncomplicated and sweet read.

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4. The Opposite of you by Rachel Higginson

Technically I don’t even remember half of the book because I had read the book so long back. The book is set against a culinary background and stars two competitive chefs and their cute rivalry which turns into a hotter romance. What you would love in the book is the beard. Yup !! you heard me right. The male character’s beard gets so much screen space in this book that it is practically another character of the book 😛 

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5. Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Where Do I start with this one? Geekerella was like a modern-day Cinderella retelling but more than that I would like to take it as an adorable worthy romance. It is like watching a Lizzie Mcguire movie or A Cinderella story but in book format. It’s the cutest thing that is set against the background of Comic-con and two adorable and lovable characters. Although the disappointing fact is that the sequel I picked up turned out to be a sour experience.

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6. On the Fence by Kasie West

As I said I am a huge Kasie West fan and I love her romance books for being sweet, simple and uncomplicated. On the Fence works differently because of the family quotient. The book is the story of Charlie who has three older brothers. The whole Sister and three overprotective brothers and a single dad are so funny, cute and swoon-worthy that romance is like a cherry on top.

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7. Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Oh, you have to be kidding me if you haven’t heard about this book. The book was like a superstar even before it was released. The book didn’t magically get so hyped it has an adorable romance against a Twitter Feud background. That’s right you millennial social media freaks. A love made in Social media heaven. Specifically. Twitter heaven. It is more than just romance. It is coming out of age, its family bonds, teen struggles but all mixed in a dollop of sugar and honey.

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8. Beach Read by Emily Henry

The idea of the book was what made me a fan. Imagine writing an entire book out of writer’s block. That’s right. The book is about two authors who are experiencing writer’s block, bumping into each other and challenging each other in their writing style, over a vacation and then of course romance. As similar to all the above books, it is sweet, adorable and fluffy.

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9. Love, Life, and the List by Kasie West

It feels like ages ago. So yeah I had read the book years ago and had found the book adorable and a quick read without getting into many complications. It is a teen romance that revolves around self-discovery, being in love and every other Kasie West element that makes it adorable and perfect candyfloss.

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10. Paris is Always a Good Idea by Jenn Mckinlay

Ok, when isn’t Paris a good idea? The book is set against a euro trip background. We not only do get to see the romance but also the feel and vibe of being on a European holiday. It too has the elements of self-discovery and life-changing experiences. Together it puts through a light easy breezy romance read

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So that was my pick. Also, I want to mention that these are picked from the books that I have read and there might be a thousand times better ones out there. So let us know the ones you loved from the list or the ones that should have been on the list.

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