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Forever Yours by Neha Chenani Khanagwal

About the Book- Forever Yours by Neha Chenani Khanagwal

Ever heard of a saying, ‘There’s a time for everything?’ Sounds uncertain, right? Maybe because everything can mean anything! An emotion? Any emotion! Can it be love?

Nishi Arora

Nishi Arora, a twenty-three-year-old from Delhi, the youngest in the Arora family, was a pampered princess. However, behind her cheerful exterior, she harboured a secret, a deep emotion known only to her best friends.

Everything changed when she laid eyes on him. Time stood still, and the world around her faded into a blur. The moment their gazes intertwined, it sparked a magnetic connection, igniting an intense flutter in her chest. Her charcoal eyes reflected the pain she saw in his grey ones. All she wanted was to walk towards him, to bridge the gap between them, and ask, “What’s wrong?”

Every day, she sent prayers to the sky, hoping to replace the emptiness and pain within him with happiness. Little did she know, these emotions would transcend a simple crush and blossom into something much deeper–Love!

Rishabh Singhania

Twenty-eight-year-old Rishabh, the youngest awarded businessman across the Asia-Pacific region, was the sole heir of Singhania Enterprises, an irresistible heartthrob in Mumbai known for both his shrewd business skills and notorious playboy lifestyle, often landing him in the glitzy Page 3 news.

However, his journey to success was far from easy, enduring the heartbreaking loss of his mother and the betrayal of his father at sixteen. His only anchor, his grandfather, left him when he was twenty, causing him to fight against his father for the rightful position of CEO at The Singhania Enterprises, to become ‘The Rishabh Singhania!’

Life has its own way of aligning with our desires, and their story was no exception.

What will happen when she finally meets him again after years of secretly admiring him? Will she hold back or listen to her heart? Would Rishabh ever be able to fill the void inside him and learn to trust? And if he does, will he let love into his life? If he does, can they fight the impending danger looming over both of them?

Join Rishabh and Nishi on a journey of youthful emotions, unexpected connections and intertwined lives!

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That fateful day, destiny played its hand as Nishi first set eyes on Rishabh. The air crackled with anticipation, as if the universe itself held its breath. The scene unfolded like a tapestry woven with invisible threads, each detail perfectly aligned.

Read on for our review of Forever Yours by Neha Chenani Khanagwal

Our Review of Forever Yours by Neha Chenani Khanagwal

A huge thanks to the author for trusting me with this book. I am so happy to have taken my first dip into the intertwined Realm (the series) with this first book from the series, Forever Yours.

In the mood for a desi romance? well, then the book is perfect. I call it a quick and fun Bollywood-style romance because, like a perfect Bollywood movie romance, the book has got it all. Family, romance, quips, humour, heartbreaks and then plot twists. I loved the fact that the book sails smoothly and quickly and gives you a cosy little romance that you can enjoy as a fun weekend read with a glass of wine or as a beach read. The book is a Quick read but one which would keep you intrigued with plot turns at the moment you least expect it.

I will give it to the female character for unabashedly being in love with our male character because, from the first chapter itself, you can see the level of affection and intrigue she has towards our lead male character. So every interaction, she has with the male character is charming because it shows a level of awkwardness and cuteness that comes with when one is forced to interact with their crush. I thought it was cute and portrayed charmingly.

Everything apart, the one thing that took me by surprise in the book was the final plot twist. Personally, that took this book to another level for me as the plot twist came at a time when I didn’t expect it and the book didn’t even give a clue as to something of this major was about to unravel. The reason is because the author had cunningly given us a plot twist inside another plot twist so while one is feeling sated about having found out all the secrets and twists of the plot, the book throws another revelation and I think it is brought at a point when you were expecting everything to be wrapped up in a happy ending bow. That was well played and I loved that little mind game by the author.

I am curious to see the romance arc of another couple from this book as I have sources close to the author 😛 confirming that yes indeed the couple is getting their book. I could see the easter eggs in this book and I would love to see how that particular romance would bloom.


In conclusion, I would say that the book is a charming little romance that is cute, fun and filled with interesting plot turns. The book makes for a cosy little romance, filled with thrills and emotional push and pulls to keep you both engaged and relaxed.

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 4 Stars

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