Shocking Revelations of PAGE BOY

Remember Juno and the breakout star from the 2007 movie? Yes, we are talking about Elliot Page. Elliot had been in the news recently over his coming out and now he is back with another Big Bang. Elliot Page’s journey has been a rough one, especially with his struggles and he has just penned down those in his memoir- PAGE BOY

Eliot had come out as gay in 2014 and in December 2020 he also identified himself as trans (Source: People Magazine). His memoir is sort of a journey about his struggles and the courage it took for him to come out publicly, knowing that it could very well be a risky move for his career. What though wasn’t expected was some of the shocking revelations he had done in the memoir. Here are some of them

In one of the chapters exclusively dedicated to this incident, Page says that he was confronted by a famous A-list actor who said to Page that he would **** Page to make him realise that he wasn’t gay and that he was just afraid of Men. He also goes on to tell him that there is no such thing as Gay. This was right after Page had come out. if you are itching to buy the book just to see the name of this A-list star, let me tell you that he hasn’t revealed it in the book.

He also says that he had a deeper connection and relationship with Kate Mara after coming out. Page says that Mara was and will be the love of his life. Although they are now just friends. He also reveals that he was in a secret relationship with another co-star but would pretend to be just friends in public although behind doors they were in a very serious and long relationship.

Page also reveals that he and Juno actress Olivia Thirlby had sex all the time during the shooting of the movie. He also revealed that during the shooting of Inception, he was always worried and under pressure for fear of being replaced in the movie. But as we all know, Page ended up being part of an iconic movie and in a praise-worthy role.

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