Jada Pinkett Smith’s Memoir

It has been a year of memoirs and the wave doesn’t seem to be settling down any time soon. Plus we are only halfway through this year. The Smith family had a whirlwind year. So much had been happening and talked about the family and each of the members had to go through their quota of controversies and struggles in the public eye. No one can forget the Oscar drama and the whole “talks” and revelations around Jada and Will’s marriage. So much dirty laundry has been put out in the public that Jada Pinkett Smith feels it’s time people knew the truth and facts behind all these news and speculations.

“I have to be very accountable for misunderstandings that are floating,”

People Magazine

In her upcoming memoir, named “worthy” Jada is revealing everything from her childhood, her marriage, her relationship with Tupac and even the latest controversy regarding Jaden, where he publically claimed that Jada was the one who introduced him and his family to psychedelic drugs. if this is true then the memoir is going to be one big firework. 

Explaining why she chose “worthy” as the title of her memoir, Jada says

“Because the journey itself is worthy. Every journey. And we’re all worthy while we’re in it, you know? And I think a lot of times so many of us lose the idea of our self-worth. I wanted to write about my journey to self-worth in a real way. And it’s been a real struggle, and I think that that will be the part that will be most surprising to the reader.”

she also says that the reason why she wanted to write a book now is to clear a lot of assumptions people have about her 

“So many people feel because of my talk show Red Table Talk that they know my journey. And they don’t. There’s been so much about my journey that I haven’t been able to share on a format like RTT.”

One of the things that brought Jada to the spotlight among other things was her show Red Table Talk which also had her mother and daughter hosting it. In the aftermath of the Oscars, the show was also one of the things that got impacted and was cancelled by Facebook. Jada in an exclusive session with People magazine promised that the show would be back and that she has something different planned for the show

Well, you can head over to People Magazine to read her exclusive interview on her upcoming book and book tour. Her memoir, “Worthy” would be released on October 17th but the pre-orders are already on their way.

So are you excited for the memoir to find out the truth or do you believe that it will all be just a diplomatic coverage of facts? Or are you excited to hear that Red Table Talk would be back?

News Source : People

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