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Handcuffed to Love by Yuktha Asrani

About the Book- Handcuffed to Love

Saanvi Vijay Malhotra is a woman with a dream. She is feisty, smart, and witty, but her privileged life in New Delhi, India, doesn’t match her ambitions. She moves to New York to pursue a career in journalism with stars in her eyes and her heart on her sleeve. 

Sean Roger Wilson is a ruthless NYPD detective. He is a charmer to the T, and he is any woman’s dream man. A New Yorker to the core, he never plays by the book and believes in living in the moment.

It Takes Two To Tango! As fate has it, Sean handcuffs Saanvi — figuratively — in a whirlwind of passion, romance, and seduction. Sparks fly whenever they are within two feet of each other, leading to an overwhelming and alluring pursuit. Sean knows Saanvi spells trouble, but he loves living on the edge. Despite his roguish facade, Saanvi is determined to capture his heart. A tragic episode threatens to rip them apart. Will Saanvi meet her fate with Sean, or will she leave New York brokenhearted?

The book had, a thrilling twist, romantic moments, bittersweet moments, a good dollop of humour.

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Our Review of Handcuffed to Love

Usually, people would go from first to second but I went opposite. I read the second book in the series and then went back to the first book. I think that also clarifies the fact that this book can also be read as a standalone. I read Beautiful Mess (the second book in the series) by the author first, and when she saw that I was talking more about Saanvi and Sean, she pointed out that there is an actual book on Sean and Saanvi. So that’s how I came to pick Handcuffed to Love. So not only did I get more of Sean and Saanvi, I got a full Bollywood style romance. Except Bollywood went to New York for this one 😜

While reading Beautiful Mess, I found Sean and Saanvi to be cute and they were just doing a guest appearance in that book. So, In Handcuffed to Love, I got to see the beginning of their story. The whole dynamics of East meets West. The attraction and the tug of war and everything around it becomes the theme of the book. I can’t help but say that the book was full Bollywood style masala romance and as someone who has grown up loving Bollywood, nothing would have wooed me better. The book had, a thrilling twist, romantic moments, bittersweet moments, a good dollop of humour. It was good to see the brother and sister bond between Chirag and Saanvi at its full glory in this book.

I knew I would love the couple and the book was a testament to this fact. Their relationship arc was interesting to follow. There was a lot of adorable moments that made it sweet to be part of their romance. I think the trick was in the language which made it easier to follow the plot and move with its pace.


The book has an easy pace, absorptive narration and it is a quick, light breezy read that is filled with a lot of elements that keeps the book exciting. It is perfect for a cute, romantic read to relax over a glass of wine or while taking a break over the weekend.

Squirrel Rating

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