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Love (Try) Angle by Manali Desai

About the Book- Love (Try) Angle

Ayesha has just moved to the’ City of Dreams’ with her parents. She befriends the charming Viren, who helps her find her footing in Mumbai. Though she is slowly adjusting to her new life, what Ayesha is most excited about is pursuing B.A. (Hons.) Political Science from a reputed college. Things don’t go as smoothly as she had thought though. Because Abhi, her senior, seems hell-bent on making her life on the campus difficult from day one. Just when things seem settled, Viren joins the college as an Ad-Hoc lecturer. Is there more to Ayesha’s friendship with Viren, and her frenemity with Abhi? It seems there’s a love triangle blooming around the corner or will it be a Love (Try) Angle? Because Ayesha is not sure if it’s love at all.

Love( Try) Angle needed a little more halt and space for the story to grow because everything moves over the surface without ever touching the depth. 

Read on for our review of the book

Our Review of Love (Try) Angle

First of all a huge thanks to the author for the book recommendation. So it was the author who pointed me to her recent work which was a light breezy teen romance named Love (Try) Angle. Ok, I am so impressed with that title. It is such a wicked and genius wordplay for a title. Also once you read the book, you do see that the title kind of fits the plot too. Ok, now the moment of truth. The book was a bittersweet one for me and I am going to apologise to the author If I am being rude. (FYI, I tend to go overboard when it comes to reviewing. It is just my way of getting back at talented people 😛)

I am going to deal with the issues with the book and then move to the things that I liked. So let us start with the obvious trouble with the book. Its surfacial. I was prepared to go with a full machete on this little part in my review. Then I read the author note and bio where she tells it openly that she doesn’t have the patience to write a full-fledged story and this was her attempt at doing it. That shut me up. But yes that is the basic trouble with the book. It is surfacial. It doesn’t go deep. ( Yeah I know there is no word as surfacial…so what !! I am inventing one ..)

The book sprints like a racehorse. Depending upon how you love your books this could be both a good and bad thing. The thing with the pace when it becomes so fast and surfacial is that it robs the time and space that you need to understand the characters. But at the same time because it was fast-paced I was able to have a quick, light and easy read without having to struggle with plot complications. So that there was the issue I had that with the plot. It just ran through the events without giving it a bit of halt. so we do not get enough time to process what is happening, its implications and getting a feel of the world and the characters. 

Now let us talk about the good parts which are language and writing. No doubt that the author is talented. Hence why she has written a book and I am here, on this side, blabbering about her work 😝. There is a smoothness to the writing as it eases the readers rather than making them join pieces together to understand what is happening. Storytelling is immersive. 


So in conclusion I would say that Love( Try) Angle needed a little more halt and space for the story to grow because everything moves over the surface without ever touching the depth. That is the only issue with the book but otherwise, the language and storytelling are nice. On the other hand, the fast-paced narration also makes it a quick, easy read for your weekend. 

Squirrel Rating

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