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Melt Into Me by Adhiti Aravind

About the Book- Melt Into Me by Adhiti Aravind

Shaan Goel and Thanushree Raichand who belong to two prominent business empires find their paths colliding more than once. And each time that happens, the chemistry between them roars. But are their interludes impromptu or planned? Is their bond tethered by the thread of love or deceit?To embrace the surging love existing between them they have to tide over a chasm of deceit, betrayal, and heartbreaks. Will they reach the finishing line?Get ready for a rollercoaster ride that brings together the Raichands and Goels. Shaan Goel from The Goel Heir series and Thanushree Raichand from The Raichand Sisters series are coming together for an epic tale of love and deceit bringing together their families for a befitting finale. MELT INTO ME is tying together both my series; and my very own multi-universe All books in both the series can be read as standalone romances.- Guaranteed happily-ever-after ending- Sensitive themes are addressed in the book. Readers’ discretion is advised.

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“I did not know that I was waiting for a divine
intervention like her in my life until she landed smack right in the centre of my universe.
Chasing her was never the plan but she came for me with such passion that the selfish
man that I am, I grabbed the gift that was her with open arms. And now she is about to
ink her life in my name and me in hers.”

Read on for our review of Melt Into Me by Adhiti Aravind

Our Review of Melt Into Me by Adhiti Aravind

A huge thanks to the author for sharing the copy of the book and trusting me with the ARC. I absolutely loved the book for the twisted mind games it had because that gave the book an amazing layer that I couldn’t resist delving into. Don’t come at me with pitchforks when I say I was more into the book because of everything else other than romance. The romance was a bit underplayed but who cares because everything else that was happening in this book was completely on another level and I loved how it kept unravelling secrets and plots and mindgames. The book to me felt more like a giant boardroom power play and an amazing one.

So the book might be part of a series but take it from me who had read the first book ages ago and then picked this book, to let you know that you can absolutely enjoy the book as a standalone. YOu would be like …are you crazy? when they have a bold caption stating that the book is a conclusion to not one but two entire series, how can you pick up the book as a standalone ?. That is why I loved this book for making it easier to get into the book, not having to have read the prequels. Of course, reading the prequels would give you a more vivid clarity into the history and dynamics and the persona of the characters but even without that the book actually gives a crystal clear background of a sequence of events and character traits that help you seamlessly fall into this book plot. Like for example (and hopefully without giving out spoilers) There is a mother-daughter duo dynamics in the book that was picking at me because of their estranged dynamics and voila in a particular scene the author actually very cunningly through a conversation between two characters gave the entire history and I was like Brilliant …now I know why the things are the way that they are. Similarly, the book gives you enough breadcrumbs to fall into the whole plot of history. (Either that or I am a genius who could piece together things with just a few details πŸ˜› )

Weirdly, I am praising everything else except for romance in a romance book. But yes that is a fact. I was okay with it since there was so much happening around the central characters of this book, that you wanted to get into more of that and see where the plot is going to go. Also, I did feel that the romance portion for this couple got only a tiny window space and it might have hindered the outcome but I am completely ok with it because since the book probably is tying up a lot of things that might have happened over the previous books, I feel it is completely understandable.

It was exciting to see the power plays between two business families and how each character would have an active and immersive role in the book. That is one thing you have to give kudos in the book for having characters that have an actual role and are not just filling up space. I think,, the book is all about Amrita, Arnav and Indira because those three kept my brain cells working as their moves were what kept me wide-eyed. That is odd considering the book is about other two characters πŸ˜› 

I absolutely loved the pace and plot developments. The book has a good immersion rate with the amount of twists and plot developments. But owing to my nature of nitpicking, I can’t help but point out that I did feel odd when in the romance portions, the book would literally halt para to actually praise a character or share the inner thoughts. That felt a bit odd to me as it didn’t feel seamless but then that is only happening in just a few instances and can be overlooked. I do feel romance didn’t get much area or time to work on but I am not complaining because the rest of everything that the book gave made me feel really satiated. Also, I feel that I did get a jist of the best from the two series in one book.


In conclusion, I would say that do not be intimated by the whole “conclusion” tag because I thoruoughly enjoyed this book as a standalone without having read the prequels. (well except one… Love Contract ) The book is brilliant with its intense family and boardroom power play and that is what I absolutely loved about the book. It was like these characters playing chess moves to one-up the other and it was absolutely intriguing. I loved the whole array of characters who had such massive and important roles.

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 4 Stars

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