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Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q Sutanto

Four Aunties and a Wedding

About the Book-Four Aunties and a Wedding

It’s supposed to be the perfect day…
After getting away with literal murder, Meddy can’t wait to settle down and marry the love of her life, Nathan. She’s found the dress, got the dream venue at Christ Church College, Oxford, plus having a destination wedding comes with the added bonus of not having to invite her very large extended family.

…But is it even a wedding if nobody gets killed?
Although when her meddling aunties get involved, Meddy knows her wedding is going to be anything but quiet. Even though there’s no dead body hidden in the freezer this time, for better or worse, it’s certainly going to be a day she’s never going to forget…

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“How do I describe the particular shade of purple? It’s as if flamingo pink and electric blue had a baby and then that baby snorted a line of coke and proceeded to punch you in the face.” 

Quote from the book- Four Aunties and a Wedding

Our Review of Four Aunties and a Wedding

Just when I thought that the author won’t be able to outdo the magic of the first book, Four aunties and a wedding come along proving again why I dared to pick up this sequel.

The first book was totally an unexpected discovery for me. I had never anticipated that the book would prove to be such a laugh riot. So when I learnt that the author is back with a sequel then I was, to be honest, apprehensive as to what new can she do to outdo the allure of the first book. But I guess I was wrong because the second book blew my mind. Ok, there are a lot of similarities to the first book but I thought it was genius of the author to develop a new story from where the first book ended.

The gem of the book is definitely the aunties. The aunties are like ticking bombs that can go off anywhere and anytime and in a way that everything in its way gets charred. It is hilarious and totally makes each second and time count. A combination of comedy of errors, family bonds and relationship goals, makes the book the perfect read.


In conclusion, I would say that this series is perfect if you want a light-hearted book that would make you laugh your guts out and have a gala time. This book is pure entertainment.

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 5 Star

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