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A Forgery of Roses by Jessica S. Olson

A Forgery of Roses by Jessica S. Olson

About the Book – A Forgery of Roses

Myra Whitlock has a gift. One many would kill for.

She’s an artist whose portraits alter people’s real-life bodies, a talent she must hide from those who would kidnap, blackmail, and worse in order to control it. Guarding that secret is the only way to keep her younger sister safe now that their parents are gone. 

But one frigid night, the governor’s wife discovers the truth and threatens to expose Myra if she does not complete a special portrait that would resurrect the governor’s dead son. Desperate, Myra ventures to his legendary stone mansion. 

Once she arrives, however, it becomes clear the boy’s death was no accident. Someone dangerous lurks within these glittering halls. Someone harboring a disturbing obsession with portrait magic. 

Myra cannot do the painting until she knows what really happened, so she turns to the governor’s older son, a captivating redheaded poet. Together, they delve into the family’s most shadowed affairs, racing to uncover the truth before the secret Myra spent her life concealing makes her the killer’s next victim.

From Sing Me Forgotten author Jessica S. Olson comes a gothic fantasy murder mystery perfect for fans of Kerri Maniscalco and Erin A. Craig. 

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“A love for books is the best indicator of a curious mind.” 

Quote from the book- A Forgery of Roses by Jessica S. Olson

Our Review of A Forgery of Roses

It had been a long time since I had picked up a fantasy book and this book was a pretty awesome welcome back read into the genre. I enjoyed the book and loved the plot line. I had this book on audio and was a pretty fun read. Although I am not a big fan of the MC because he felt given a guest role who comes at intervals just to move forward the story to its next level.

I liked the core theme of the book. It felt pretty unique and the way it took through various twists and turns was amazingly smart. I am not a big fan of the romance quotient of the book as it felt more like a matter of convenience and not something that came as organic development. The elements of the plot were pretty wicked and interestingly woven into the plot.

I felt that towards the end of the book, it got a second life as a lot of things were happening. A lot of interesting revelations and more over the twist was absolutely fabulous and just brought back life to the book


In conclusion, I would say that the book has a very good plot to it and the way the book has treated it is also amazing. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the romance but since everything else was so good, it didn’t matter much.

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