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Here Lies North by Ava Harrison

Here Lies the North

About the Book -Here Lies North

It was supposed to be an easy article about Cain Archer.

Never did I think it would lead me straight into the arms of a serial killer.

When the magazine I worked for sent me to write a piece on The Elysian, and the recluse architect who created it, I didn’t know what to expect.

It certainly wasn’t him.

He was supposed to be cold and cruel, but to me, he was intoxicating. Magnetic. And impossible to quit.

The deeper I fell, the harder it became to ignore that inner voice, screaming that darkness followed Cain.

I wanted to be wrong.

Maybe it was all in my head.
But I needed to find the answers.

Nothing prepared me for what I discovered…

What if the person you took into your bed isn’t at all what he seemed? What if he’s the monster you’ve been searching for?

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What if the person you took into your bed isn’t at all what he seemed? What if he’s the monster you’ve been searching for?

Read on for our review of the book – Here Lies North

Our Review of Here Lies North by Ava Harrison

Either it’s the trend or I am just unlucky having picked up books that have exactly the same type of male characters that don’t make sense to me. On a stretch, I have read books that features MC who is an unabashed “Psychopath”. These books just glorify the fact that they don’t have emotions. They can’t emphasise or be sensitive. It is not the fact these books have such characters that bother me but the way it is being glorified and made desirable is what becomes an issue for me. Here Lies North is also in the league of books and has a character that takes a pride in the matter that he can’t feel basic emotions. I can’t somehow digest the worship like nature for this kind of behaviour. But then again that’s more of an “ME” issue so let’s dive into the book 

The reason why I picked up the book was that its synopsis promised a very exciting plot line. A serial killer on the loose and a journalist on track trying to find out the truth coupled with a mysterious hero. There is nothing more exciting than that but come to the book and the things that mattered were treated like an afterthought.

I was more than halfway into the book and still, there was no trace of the serial killer angle or even the FC trying to dig up the truth. In fact, all of these happen towards the very end of the book. It is more like the book suddenly remembered that there was that serial killer angle that was left behind. So then it quickly digs up that track, adds a bit of development and then gets wrapped as quickly as it began.

The whole beginning is just a tug of war between a female character who is intrigued by this Male character who doesn’t show any emotions and a Male Character who is intrigued by a Female character who is suddenly “making him feel”. So it’s just dates, hot sex and long dialogues like …my life was trash before you walked in and now it’s a bed of roses. …blah blah


In conclusion, I would say that my expectation from the book was something else and what I received was something totally opposite. So my whole take on the book is a reflection of this disappointment. If you take this book as a romance book then you might enjoy it a lot more than expecting a thriller with doses of romance. The narration and flow are good but I was too far gone to actually experience it.

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