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Beyond the Darkness by Yuktha Asrani

Beyond the darkness

About the Book- Beyond The Darkness

After the death of his wife, Manas Malhotra is at war with himself, ridden with guilt. Living in the shadow of his past, he is a ghost of his former self.The only saving grace is his daughter Ziva. Manas’s lonesome life is sucked into a vortex of emotions as he is compelled to work in close association with Aarya Shetty. The twinkle in Aarya’s soft grey eyes and her selfless devotion to his daughter threaten to tear down the walls fortifying his heart. 

Despite their differences in backgrounds, Aarya is powerless to resist the magnetic pull that draws her to Manas. Aarya is determined to prove to him that she is more than just a pretty face. However, she is fighting demons of her own, facing a typhoon of challenges. Dhruv Sharma, the bane of her existence, has his expensive silk necktie neatly coiled around her family. His vicious sights are set on Aarya, and he will stop at nothing to possess her.

Dark, looming mind games and web of deceit unleash mysteries and secrets of a dangerous past.

Beyond the Darkness is filled with family goals, relationship struggles and twists and turns to keep it enjoyable.

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Our Review of Beyond the darkness

Did you hear? The Malhotras are back !! Oh, you didn’t. That’s because I have been fortunate enough to read the latest in the series, almost straight from the oven :P. Since I was practically shouting about the previous books from the rooftop, when the author asked me whether I would like to read the third book and that too starring Big brother, Manas, all I said was …where do I sign up :P. So there !! I already broke the news that the book is all about Manas, the big brother of the Malhotra clan. Out of the previous two books, my inclination was towards the first book which had an element of thrill, danger and romance and this book has brought back that same magic.

Beyond the Darkness is a bit more serious and not fluffy romance and that is the charm of the book. It has got a bit more emotional intensity to the plot with the underlying theme of pain, grief and finding love again. Usually, people go gaga about a book because of its protagonist or “hero” but weirdly enough I was more intrigued or hooked by the antagonist of the book. No doubt he is one SOB, you would love to hate, but the character did bring some element to the table that kind of elevated the plot strength to another level.

If you have been following the series, you know that the book sails on the family ship. It’s the family quotient in the book, the dynamics and moments between all the family members that add colour to this book. So why should this book be left behind? This book had some adorable and charming family moments and all the characters from previous books do make their presence. Oh, wait !! I did miss the sister and our firangi damaad 😛


In conclusion, I would say that the third book does bring back the charm and is a well-etched fit for the series. Having read the second book from the series first and then going back to the first book, I can safely say that you can easily pick any of these books as a standalone as each book has its own background story to ease you into the book’s world. Beyond the Darkness is filled with family goals, relationship struggles and twists and turns to keep it enjoyable.

oh by the way did you notice the cover 😛

*This is a review of the ARC copy shared by the author

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 4 Stars

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