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My Black Rose by Deblina Bhattacharya

About the Book- My Black Rose

Dear Reader,

I wrote this book to remind you to never give up on hope in times of pitch-black darkness. I know you are falling weak, your steps are faltering, sceptical of whether you should keep moving forward. 

I wanted this book to remind you that you are a fighter, and that no matter how many thorns lie ahead, you have to keep moving forward to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I hope this book helps you find acceptance in the shadows of self-loathing and hopelessness and teaches you to identify your own rarity in this world of 8 billion. May the words written between these pages teach you how to discern the beauty in the aura of the dark.

With love
Your poet,

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So basically while everything from the friendship, sub characters, Prepare to be hit by a strong current but at the same time, you will feel its warmth and strength. Powerful book. Powerful words that evoke powerful emotions. 

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Our Review of My Black Rose

Technically the book is a small and quick read but it is one of the heaviest books I have ever read for such a small book. Nothing said and shown in the book is easy. No, I am not talking about the language or the narration. I am talking about the topics and the things being said in the book. It is so heavy and powerful that it jostles you and makes you sit up and notice. I had such a tough time getting rid of the book hangover because it opens up a lot of topics that are heavy and makes you wonder and question everything you feel, you know. That is why I feel the book is a powerful narration of a very hard and equally important topic. The relevance of My Black Rose and the topic it tackles is huge, especially in our modern world.

The book is a collection of powerful poetic take on the human mind and its struggles. The book basically, through its poetic liberty brings forward some important observations and topics that make us question whether what we know about mental struggle is apt and as to whether we know about it in its whole truth. That is why I feel that the book is so heavy and at the same time powerful.

Poetry is the toughest craft to pull because in so few words you have to pull the greatest narration. Debalina has pulled the greatest magic in that sense since the words hit you where it hurts. The book has some amazing lines that carry layers of meaning to it and that to me is the pure beauty of the book. To read it may sound simple but when you try to understand its meaning that’s when you realise it has got its layers going deep


In conclusion, I would say that the book, My Black Rose, will not be an easy read but is a necessary read. It would help you understand the importance of addressing the struggle of our mental ups and downs. To see the sun’s true glory, you have to be prepared to burn and go blind. That is what the book is about. Prepare to be hit by a strong current but at the same time, you will feel its warmth and strength. Powerful book. Powerful words that evoke powerful emotions. 

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 4 Stars

Book Recommendation
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