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Ashwatthama vs Parashuram by Gunjan Porwal

About the Book- Ashwatthama vs Parashuram

Poland, 1944. A secret Nazi experiment in the Wieliczka salt mine of Breslau goes wrong, annihilating the entire research team.

Decades later, at the foothills of Dhauladhar ranges, the immortal warrior Kripacharya is brutally attacked by a mysterious beast and goes missing. His peer Vyasa, the old sage, tasks Parashuram to find and bring their fellow immortal back.

As Parashuram adjusts himself to this new world and uncovers the plot, he crosses path with an old nemesis, one who not only matches him in power and intellect, but also in ferocity.

Parashuram has to race against time, and Ashwatthama, to unravel the conspiracy behind Kripacharya’s disappearance to protect not just their identities, but also something much larger at stake, something which has the potential to change history forever.

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“Humans had turned out to be selfish, much more than Vyasa had ever imagined. They lived for themselves, loved themselves more than others, and often harboured envy, jealousy, greed and lust. In fact, Vibhishan felt that many asuras of yesteryears were more righteous than some humans of today’s generation. The horrors humans committed on one another was beyond forgiveness.” 

Read on for our review of the book Ashwatthama vs Parashuram

Our Review of Ashwatthama vs Parashuram

The whole reason I picked this book in the first place was because of its cover. I mean look at it. It’s like a piece of art. I knew I need to have it in my collection whether I would read it or not. So definitely kudos to the cover artist and the way they conceptualised a good moment in the book for its cover. So yeah as I said, I went because of the cover but stayed because of the book and the plot. It is fab and on a level that at the fear of sounding prejudice wasn’t what I expected from an Indian fiction that took Hindu mythological theme as a base. I expected it to be another retelling or epic weaved age old story …but boy oh boy was I in for a surprise!

I think more than the book, I am in awe of the author because you have to have had done a damn good job of research or have that extraordinary knowledge to be able to craft such a brilliant and resourceful story. This is Dan Brown level good for me because the book is a treasure pot of so many facts and information and the way it is narrated is absolutely brilliant. These amazing information are thrown at the almost right moment and right quantity so as to not to appear preaching and lecturing. This is one fact that draws me to a Dan Brown or Steve Berry book that while you are midst of an adrenaline filled events, the author is also teaching you so much stuff. So you are learning and having fun.

So I truly am fascinated and blown away as to how much the knowledge reserve of the author himself has to be, to be able to incorporate it into a story which is even more brilliant. From quantum physics, to Mumbai skyline history to even modern weapon technology or the obvious mythological history, the book is filled with gold.

The best part is that with all these information especially something as complex and boring as quantum physics,the book manages to narrate it with such cinematic and engaging tone that you won’t even realise that you are being educated on such a complex topic. Trust me I know because I perhaps hold the record for sleeping through my classes because my brain couldn’t handle so much data and come to this book and my brain was nodding as if quantum physics is something I eat for breakfast …Good Job Brain Good Job… ( now go back to have served well )

Anyways so coming out of my blabber, the book uses the Hindu mythology as a base. If, like me you thought the book would go around the whole dynamics of Ashwatthama and parusharam then hold my pen as the author just uses as a reference point. The book is way way way above all of it and the core plot just uses these as a crucial element and not the whole point. Ahhhhh I might be ruining it but the thing is this is not a Hindu mythological fiction but it’s an actual edge of seat thriller filled with action, blodd, bang bang, murder, chase and even bomb threat and saving the world…..oh shit did I ruin it…?

Honestly, I would probably be half boiled at the stake by Indian reading community but this book actually brought back my confidence in Indian fiction by a 100 fold… ( yeah so I will probably be by the stake, ready to be burned down by zealots for saying that )


In conclusion, I would say that this book, Ashwatthama vs Parashuram is truly as beautiful and remarkable as its cover. The book is such an adrenaline dream with a spectacular plot and cinematic events and narration that you would literally wish to see it on big screen as it is detailed, narrated and scripted in such brilliance . Hats off to the author and his knowledge to craft such a refined, engaging and pure entertaining read. Hell I think I am now excited to see whether these immortals would return for another adventure because I am absolutely game for it if it maintains this quality and brilliance.

Squirrel Rating

Squirrel Rating- 5 Star

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