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The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry

About the Book – The Romanov Prophecy

Ekaterinburg, Russia: July 16, 1918. Ten months have passed since Nicholas II’s reign was cut short by revolutionaries. Tonight, the White Army advances on the town where the Tsar and his family are being held captive by the Bolsheviks. Nicholas dares to hope for salvation. Instead, the Romanovs are coldly and methodically executed.

Moscow: Present Day. Atlanta lawyer Miles Lord, fluent in Russian and well versed in the country’s history, is thrilled to be in Moscow on the eve of such a momentous event. After the fall of Communism and a succession of weak governments, the Russian people have voted to bring back the monarchy. The new tsar will be chosen from the distant relatives of Nicholas II by a specially appointed commission, and Miles’ job is to perform a background check on the Tsarist candidate favored by a powerful group of Western businessmen. But research quickly becomes the least of Miles’ concerns when he is nearly killed by gunmen on a city plaza.

Suddenly Miles is racing across continents, shadowed by nefarious henchmen. At first, his only question is why people are pursuing him. But after a strange conversation with a mysterious Russian, who steers Miles toward the writings of Rasputin, he becomes desperate to know more–most important, what really happened to the family of Russia’s last tsar?

His only companion is Akilina Petrov, a Russian circus performer sympathetic to his struggle, and his only guide is a cryptic message from Rasputin that implies that the bloody night of so long ago is not the last chapter in the Romanovs’ story . . . and that someone might even have survived the massacre. The prophecy’s implications are earth-shattering–not only for the future of the tsar and mother Russia, but also for Miles himself.

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He that endureth to the end, shall be saved.

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Our Review of The Romanov Prophecy

Talk about an adventurous ride and this book was a perfect one for that. It was a bit odd reading this book that was printed back in 2004 and now reading it in the context of what is happening in Russia in 2023. Nevertheless, despite the oddity of Russia portrayed in the book and the current scenario, The Romanov Prophecy is a brilliant amalgamation of history, conspiracy theories, thrills and a chase that is high on adrenaline, blood and guns.

One of the best parts about the book is that it is filled with historical goldmines and honestly the book showed and told me a lot about the Russian history that I wasn’t aware of and the way these facts were used in the narration of the book was so good. It was both learning and fun.

There are some really popular guys making guest appearances in the book including Nicolas II, Alexandra and even the infamous Rasputin.

There is a Chase throughout the book it begins right in the beginning itself and that is where all the fun begins. The Puzzles, clues and the whole race against time all just add to the allure of the book. Being a Dan Brown books devotee, this book just quenched that little thirst.


In conclusion, I would say that the book in true fashion thriller, provides everything from clues, prophecies, villains, guns, blood baths, murder plots and an adrenaline-filled race against time. In light of the modern-day happening in Russia, the events and Russia described by the book would sound a bit odd but in a way, it just adds to the magic of the book. 

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Squirrel Rating- 4 Stars

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