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A Killer’s Heart by Thomas Fincham

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About the Book- A Killer’s Heart

A serial killer’s heart beats inside her chest.

FBI Agent Jo Pullinger arrives in Seattle, Washington. She is grateful to leave behind her old life. One that involved having a transplant of a killer’s heart. 

When a wealthy family is murdered in their mansion, the daughter’s boyfriend is taken into custody. He was found at the scene of the crime, cradling the daughter’s body, with the murder weapon at his side.

Jo’s instincts tell her the boyfriend is not guilty, even though, all the evidence is stacked against him. It’s an uphill battle for Jo, to not only convince her superiors but also to convince her new partner, Seattle PD Detective Bryan Ford.

As Jo digs deeper into the case, she quickly finds herself on a collision course with a disturbed killer.

Fans of James Patterson, David Baldacci, and Harlan Coben will love this new series!

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The plot is at its best with things pulling and pushing at the right instances keeping the intrigue intact in the book.

Read on for our review of A Killer’s Heart

Our Review of A Killer’s Heart

I loved the book. No questions about it because there was a strong central character and a stronger plot line to run with. But I couldn’t help but wonder whether the whole “heart” thing had an actual purpose to the base plot. If you have noticed in the book synopsis, what the book focuses more is on the fact that our central character has a killer’s heart. Like the literal heart of a killer. I couldn’t help but expect that this factor would come into play somewhere in the book. But unfortunately, it didn’t. Or if it did, it does so in a very vague or inconspicuous manner. That was the only thing I had to complain about the book because the rest of it was good 

The plot is at its best with things pulling and pushing at the right instances keeping the intrigue intact in the book. The clues and events are easy to follow and the pretty realistic and practical aspect of the sleuthing process makes it very easily consumable and enjoyable. As I said leaving apart the fact that I thought that the whole heart angle was meant to be more than what it was, the rest of everything in the book played well to tell an exciting story.


In conclusion, I would say that if you want a good old FBI crime investigation read, then you can rely on this book. It has a good plot, a nice pace and characters that are easy to comprehend and resonate with. There is enough fodder to feed both your mind and brain in the book. So yeah overall a good old nice thriller with a female investigator with “Killer’s Heart” in the lead.

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