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Minotaur by Simon Cleat

About the Book – Minotaur by Simon Cleat

“A gripping read, I read it in a day! . . . Brilliant, fast-paced . . . keeps you gripped from the first page.” –Amazon reviewer, five stars

After twelve brutal murders, a vicious killer continues to elude the police–but one desperate father may prove to be his downfall . . .

A cunning and sadistic serial killer known as Minotaur has already murdered and mutilated twelve women. When novelist David Knight comes home, he is shattered to find that his wife is the latest victim. But why has Minotaur taken David’s young son? And what is the significance of the maze drawn in blood at every crime scene?

David’s world is in ruins. The police have failed him, and time is running out. If he has any hope of saving his son, he must enter the killer’s labyrinth. But can he do the unthinkable and submit to the darkness within himself?

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I mean the premise of the book is good. No questions about that but the way it is being treated and narrated is pretty slow and too melancholic for my taste.

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Our Review of Minotaur by Simon Cleat

Do you know what is the deal with the Minotaur? He is the king of the maze. I didn’t know that this Greek reference would stay true for this book too. No no, this book has nothing to do with Greek mythology. In fact, the book is a serial killer mystery and supposedly a gripping one. Why supposedly is because to me it didnt latch on at all. It was a giant maze for me. If you ask me what the book was all about, the answer is that I have no clue at all. I had this book on audio and I had this on double speed because the narration speed was really lullaby level and to make it even worse the accent was so thick that I couldn’t understand half of what was taking place. Now you might wonder if the audiobook wasn’t working why didn’t I read it like a normal person.? Good Question! The answer is that I really didn’t want to. I mean the premise of the book is good. No questions about that but the way it is being treated and narrated is pretty slow and too melancholic for my taste. So if the audiobook itself wasnt giving me the vibe of a gripper, I seriously doubted the actual book would have made any difference

The problem I found with Minotaur is that parallel investigations are done by almost every character in this book. So everybody is showing up places, finding clues or things that might give some answers (it doesn’t).
So you have no idea where to place your foot. As I said with the audiobook making it a bit challenging, I couldn’t see which and who were playing the roles and what they were doing. so for me honestly it was all muddled with sometimes things making sense and other times it doesn’t


Maybe I had picked this up at the wrong time or maybe the audiobook wasn’t the way to go for this one or maybe I might not have been the correct audience for this book. What may the case be, the truth is that I couldn’t fully grasp what was going on and I couldn’t immerse myself or even see an ounce of spark in the overall treatment of the book. It was too slow and melancholic for my taste but this very reason might be what the fans of the book had found appealing. Personally, this wasn’t my kind of book.

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