Gladiator 2 is officially happening

According to Deadline magazine, an official release date has been set for Gladiator 2 and this makes it official that indeed a sequel to the classic 1999 movie is happening. Sadly the original Gladiator won’t be returning as confirmed by him in a recent event. Russell Crowe who has now officially joined the Marvel Universe, while addressing the fans, mentioned that the Gladiator 2 movie is happening without him, The sequel would have Paul Mescal taking on the role of Young Lucius. All the more, the movie would take place after the death of Maximus, Russell’s character in the Prequel.

Gladiator 2 is marked for release on November 22. 2024 under Paramount and produced by Ridley Scott. The script of the movie is done by David Scarpa

You can read more on it in here

Image Source : Deadline

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