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Murder of Crows by K. Ancrum

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About the Book – Murder of Crows

Tig Torres investigates Hollow Falls’ horrific history in this original novel based on the hit podcast Lethal Lit from Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio!

Lethal Lit follows Tig Torres, a Cuban American teen detective, in her hometown of Hollow Falls. In season one of the hit podcast, Tig used her smarts and fearlessness to track down the infamous “Lit Killer,” a serial killer who staged his murders after death scenes from famous books. But there’s no rest for courageous, mystery-solving teens in a place like Hollow Falls, and though the Lit Killer is now behind bars, his protégé, Tig’s classmate and crush Oly, has disappeared!

And that’s not the only game afoot. Tig has caught the attention of the town’s local armchair detective group, the Murder of Crows. They’re obsessed with Hollow Falls’ dark past and fixated on a dangerous search for the missing body of the town’s founder. There are rumors about what’s buried with the body that could be life-changing for whoever finds it, and with a mission like that underway, it’s not long before a member of the Murder of Crows turns up dead.

Tig, along with her friends Max and Wyn, steps in to help, but the stakes are getting higher and the hunt more deadly. Someone’s willing to kill to keep the town’s secrets buried, and if Tig’s not careful, she’ll be the Murder of Crows’ next victim.

This original Lethal Lit story takes place between Seasons 1 and 2 of the podcast, and features a brand-new, never-before-told story starring Tig Torres and her sleuthing friends!

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it would be better if you are a Lethal Lit fan because you would be able to enjoy it much more

Read on for our review of the book, Murder of Crows by K. Ancrum

Our Review of Murder of Crows

Before this book, I never had heard about the “Lethal Lit” series so naturally, a book based on the podcast or rather a book spin-off of the same would have so many references to its source. That created a problem for me in the beginning as the book sort of takes off from the middle and you can’t blame it for that. Naturally, the book would assume that the people picking up this book would be aware of the Lethal Lit podcast and its basics ( clearly I was not one of them). The book opens right after some major case has happened and since I had no clue about what and when I just rolled with it for the first couple of chapters and waited till the events of this book would happen. So yes if you ended up picking up this book without knowing its background, just like me, give it a bit of time 

This book is meant for a much younger audience and I have no shame in admitting that I would gladly put myself in this bracket if it means I can get to read books with more substance and less grinding ( if you get my drift 😛 ), But yes since it is targeted towards a younger audience the book is not a high voltage adrenaline thriller. It is a fairly easy-to-follow and quick sleuthing journey with elements of wonder and thrills.

I would put this book in an OK-OK category because even though it wasn’t a particularly bad book, it wasn’t that amazing too. Partly maybe because I didn’t know the context and the background of the characters ( I will not blame the author for this because of course the author had meant this book for Lethal Lit fans but has tried the best to keep it as a standalone too). You can read the book without the trivia on Lethal Lit Podcast but like me, you will at times miss the references and the whole township and people dynamics where the book takes place.


In conclusion, I would say that it would be better if you are a Lethal Lit fan because you would be able to enjoy it much more or perhaps not because it is fairly simple and easy flowing, meant for a younger audience ( which in my case, is award-worthy). So this book may not be for everyone but for the sake of giving it a try, it isn’t a bad one at all.

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