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The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

The Spanish Love Deception

About the Book – The Spanish Love Deception

A wedding. A trip to Spain. The most infuriating man. And three days of pretending. Or in other words, a plan that will never work.

Catalina Martín, finally, not single. Her family is happy to announce that she will bring her American boyfriend to her sister’s wedding. Everyone is invited to come and witness the most magical event of the year.

That would certainly be tomorrow’s headline in the local newspaper of the small Spanish town I came from. Or the epitaph on my tombstone, seeing the turn my life had taken in the span of a phone call.

Four weeks wasn’t a lot of time to find someone willing to cross the Atlantic–from NYC and all the way to Spain–for a wedding. Let alone, someone eager to play along my charade. But that didn’t mean I was desperate enough to bring the 6’4 blue eyed pain in my ass standing before me.

Aaron Blackford. The man whose main occupation was making my blood boil had just offered himself to be my date. Right after inserting his nose in my business, calling me delusional, and calling himself my best option. See? Outrageous. Aggravating. Blood boiling. And much to my total despair, also right. Which left me with a surly and extra large dilemma in my hands. Was it worth the suffering to bring my colleague and bane of my existence as my fake boyfriend to my sister’s wedding? Or was I better off coming clean and facing the consequences of my panic induced lie?

Like my abuela would say, que dios nos pille confesados.

The Spanish Love Deception is an enemies-to-lovers, fake-dating romantic comedy. Perfect for those looking for a steamy slow-burn romance with the sweetest Happily Ever After.

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Because it was all you were willing to give me. And I’d rather have you hating me than not have you at all.

Quote from The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Our Review of The Spanish Love Deception

Now that I know this book had won the Goodreads choice award, I feel weird being the one who didn’t like it as much. Well in my defence when I picked it, It hadn’t yet won the award and I had prepared to go full wrath mode on it🤨. No, seriously it is more me than the book. IT IS NOT YOU, IT IS ME. The timing was bad, the circumstances were bad. Maybe it wasn’t just meant to be. 😏 I am picking up this book when I had read contemporary romance one after another almost without a break so this was the book that was like the one that made everything overflow. The Spanish Love Deception isn’t a bad book at all but felt a compilation of everything I had read so far. I had an intuition that I may be stretching it with this book.

The book has everything that contemporary romance fans would love. That was exactly my problem that it had all the usual elements and plot but with different characters, location and setting. So after a stretch of books in the same genre, I had a few high expectations and maybe that’s the reason why I started rolling my eyes as soon as I realised that this was another “fill-in” date romance. You know the “ fake it till it becomes real “ plot. So when the book went that extra mile to emphasise how much they “hated each other to fall in love”, I was like yeah sure girl! You and thousand other books. So needless to say already in a mood to rip it, I wasn’t being a good judge.

Ok, enough with my sob story. Let us get into the real matter. The book. 

As I said, the book has everything cute and fluffy needed for a perfect and sweet read. I think, had I picked this book at any other time, I may have been writing poetry for it. ( keyword being “May” ) The book glides perfectly sweet and impressively (although through the same roads). The romance is also in its measured quantities ( sticking to the traditional and safer measurements). The book scores with its sweet family quotient which adds the extra flavour. I bet that the book resonated well with many of its readers because of the family element which is sweet ( although I can pick a couple of other books which used the same recipe)

I think you got the point. If we stay here longer, I will go on ranting 


So in conclusion, if you are looking for a sweet, adorable read then yes this book is perfect. This book is for anybody who is a Christine Lauren fan. It has the same sweetness and cuteness. There is no doubt that the romance in the book is also adorable. Now if you are kind of feeling full with your quota of contemporary romance then you might want to take a break and pick this book a little later

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