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Curses by Lish McBride

Book Cover - Curses by Lish McBride

About the Book – Curses

Merit Cravan refused to fulfill her obligation to marry a prince, leading to a fairy godling’s curse. She will be forced to live as a beast forever, unless she agrees to marry a man of her mother’s choosing before her eighteenth birthday.

Tevin Dumont has always been a pawn in his family’s cons. The prettiest boy in a big family, his job is to tempt naïve rich girls to abandon their engagements, unless their parents agree to pay him off. But after his mother runs afoul of the beast, she decides to trade Tevin for her own freedom.

Now, Tevin and Merit have agreed that he can pay off his mother’s debt by using his con-artist skills to help Merit find the best match . . . but what if the best match is Tevin himself?

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I loved the book but wished the romance had a bit more magic and convincing power to it rather than mixing it into the pot. 

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Our Review of Curses

I am obsessed with Beauty and beast retelling. So naturally I was bound to pick up this book sooner or later. In addition to being a retelling, Curses is also a gender bender version and that literally makes it different. I did enjoy the book but it will not be in my favourites shelf. To me yes, it did bring me a good beauty and best story but even though elements were all there, I felt that the spark in romance in lacking. Maybe I was being too judgemental or overly expecting things from the book because I felt the book revolved around main characters and their back stories and their personal stories a bit too much to actually show us the romantic track. It doesn’t exactly convince that the characters are head over heels. Or maybe it could be just me.

While I personally felt that the romance arc needed a bit more space and time to evolve, everything else from the characters, the basic setting, plot developments (sans the romance) were paid full attention and you could literally feel that you know the characters including the secondary and supporting characters so much that you can predict as to how they would react. Wish you could actually see that in terms of how the characters were falling in love each other. After all its a romance genre. So what fun if the romance is kind of taken the less cared road.


I loved the book but wished the romance had a bit more magic and convincing power to it rather than mixing it into the pot. Everything else in the book seemed to be working perfectly well. Although there are way too many fantasy elements so you need to widen your imaginations. 

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