Book Review: Who Killed the Murderer? by Moitrayee Bhaduri

First of all a huge thanks to the author and the team for sharing the opportunity to read the book, who killed the murderer, and express my honest take on it

What amazed me about the whole plot was the fact that the author had practically thrown every character under the bus. You couldn’t help but be suspicious of almost all the characters of being the murderer. Oh did I miss to mention that this is a murder mystery ?

Who Killed the Murderer Official Synopsis

When TV actress Shagun Seth mysteriously dies in a beauty parlour in Mumbai, her mother slams murder charges on Shagun’s banker husband Chetan Seth. Chetan’s family suspects that he is being framed and requests private detective Mili Ray to investigate. As Mili and her lawyer-associate Gatha start work, Chetan is released on bail. Soon after, Shagun’s mother is killed!

Is Chetan responsible for these murders? Mili probes deeper and unravels shocking secrets buried beneath Shagun’s world of glitz that leave her baffled. An insecure boyfriend, an estranged husband, an opportunist colleague, a cunning TV producer – Shagun was surrounded by Haters. Even her twelve-year-old son didn’t want to see her alive. Why did everyone hate Shagun?

While meandering through dysfunctional family upheavals and dark showbiz sagas, ex-super cop Mili Ray also struggles to tame her own internal demons.
Will she be able to solve her second case as private detective or succumb to pressure and hang up her boots?

Who Killed the Murderer Rwat Take

So as I said every chapter was bringing suspicion to the characters and because of which it made it impossible to actually pin on one track where you could confidently say that this is where the murderer will be.

This mere fact made the entire plot interesting and exciting. The other thing definitely being the language and the pace. The language is at its simplest best. I think it is crucial especially in case of an intricate mystery to help understand the plot better and help one immerse not the plot so effectively

I loved the simplicity of the book because it helped me actually visualise the scenes and even let get acquainted with each of these characters and their backdrops. The story flows smoothly and keeps it perfectly clear and easy to follow 


If you love a good mystery, then this would be perfect. The best part is that with the pace and easier narration you would be easily able to wrap up the book in just hours . It is that immersive and quick entertainer.


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