Book Review: When Wishes Bleed by Casey L. Bond (When Wishes Bleed #1)

Well what if Sabrina, not the original one but the new Netflix dark Sabrina, decides to be a contestant in the bachelor ? Well that’s exactly what the core plot of the book, when wishes Bleed, seems to be but sans all the fun but with lots of gowns, heels and rose powder.

When Wishes Bleed Official Synopsis Official Synopsis

One Prince. One Witch. One Fate.

The upheaval in my life began the moment a prince stumbled into my house and asked me to read his fortune. Any other night, I might have made an excuse to get him to leave, but this was no normal visit. My fingers prickled to touch him. So, I granted his request by handing him a single wishbone. When he snapped it, the wish … bled.

Hearing me suck in a shocked breath, he asked what it meant. Such an ominous omen could only mean one thing: his death was imminent. Fate revealed that he wouldn’t die of natural causes. Someone wanted him dead. Stunned by the revelation, the man I now knew as Prince Tauren disappeared into a night I feared he wouldn’t survive. The following day, I received an invitation to the castle. While it seemed the prince believed I could intervene and uncover who was plotting his death, his motives didn’t stop there. I was being summoned to join twelve other women in vying for the opportunity to be his wife and future queen.

Going could mean jeopardizing my plans to reclaim my heritage and resurrect the House of Fate. But staying would guarantee Tauren’s death, and the blood of his wish would be on my hands.

When Wishes Bleed RWAT Take

The book started out to be quite impressive and I had not read the synopsis of the book yet. But as I progressed with the book, I realised that the book was headed towards the selection series. Then after few pages, my fears came true and the book turned out to be a rip off the selection arises but in a different setting and theme.

I think the book is not planning for a sequel ( oops did I say thank god loudly ) because the book unnecessarily dragged through its ending wanting to show everything settling down which in my opinion was not at all fun and instead ruined it for me because there was a tiny part in me that rejoiced over the climax portion of the book which showed some literal spark but which got doused out pretty quickly with cliche scenes and never ending conclusion.

I did not enjoy the book because of the plot that felt was a rip off of many popular YA books and lacking its own individuality for even being a rip off. If I keep aside the disappointment for the plot, my first read of this decade being such a bad choice, the language and the flow is the book is nice . It’s overly sweet and Andy floss if that’s your cup of tea then yeahhh you will get lots of it.


In conclusion I would say that do not except anything out of ordinary because it is not. Almost all the plot angles and events will feel to have been picked from other books or rather inspired by other book but to look it as a quick fast read, then yes it is good for that.


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