Unloved by Katy Regnery

I have to say that the book turned out to be a bit creepy in general for me. In terms of plot, the book, Unloved has definitely something interesting to offer but to me its treatment had completely crossed the borders to become a bit creepy and weird. It sort of went on to make things a bit uncomfortable and kind of hard to digest after its promising initial run. In general Unloved by Katy Regnery turned out to be melancholic and monochrome for my liking.

Unloved Official Synopsis

My name is Cassidy Porter…
My father, Paul Isaac Porter, was executed twenty years ago for the brutal murder of twelve innocent girls.Though I was only eight-years-old at the time, I am aware – every day of my life – that I am his child, his only son.To protect the world from the poison in my veins, I live a quiet life, off the grid, away from humanity.I promised myself, and my mother, not to infect innocent lives with the darkness that swirls within me, waiting to make itself known.It’s a promise I would have kept…if Brynn Cadogan hadn’t stumbled into my life.Now I exist between heaven and hell: falling for a woman who wants to love me, while all along reminding myself that I must remain…


Unloved RWAT Take

I kind of didn’t resonate with the book because of its prolonged aloofness and sadness. I know it is a silly thing to judge a book by but the fact that a book continuously keeps crying and travelling through the depressing alleys is something that i don’t appreciate. It is fair to say that the theme of the book in itself is a bit sad and depressing but then my point is that it is tough to continue with a book that just stubbornly sticks to only depressing tone. But in all fairness this is just a perspective thing.

The other factor that i didn’t love about the book was the romance and the thriller aspect itself. Its ironic because the book in itself is a romance novel and i hated the romance quotient of the book itself. Well, its not that I hated the romance with a vengeance but somehow i kept feeling creeped out and uncomfortable with the whole angle of the romance. The things that kept happening in the book in name of romance to me was borderline stalker and Stockholm. Well it is again perceptive of course as to how you choose to see it. I am never the one to judge a book by the actual incidents and characters of the book because I belief it is something which is very individualistic and drawn to different perspective. Somehow this book made me notice the book in terms of the book instances 


Something about the whole vibe of the book was very melancholic and not the noir and creative kind but a very disturbing kind and the book can be slow which further make the case a bit worse. So in general Unloved was not a good read for me and i didn’t enjoy it much 


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