To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, #1) by Jenny Han

Practically everywhere I looked, people were either reading the book or have already read it . So I had placed the book in my must read before you die pile but just like every other book on that pile it kept gathering dust for years and it wasn’t until I got a massive deal for the box set of the series on amazon India that I finally sat down to actually read the series. So here is what i felt about To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved BeforeTo All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Official Synopsis

What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them… all at once?

Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean Song keeps her love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. They aren’t love letters that anyone else wrote for her; these are ones she’s written. One for every boy she’s ever loved—five in all. When she writes, she pours out her heart and soul and says all the things she would never say in real life, because her letters are for her eyes only. Until the day her secret letters are mailed, and suddenly, Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – RWAT Take

Luck may have it that by this time the book has already been converted to a netflix movie so it’s exciting and a wonderful time to start the series, that has the world singing praises for it

To me the book is a Disney book with all the sugar, rainbows and unicorns. So is it bad ? No ? Definitely not !!! But if you are expecting a earth shattering plot line or relationship drama then this is not the place . The book is gentle, cute, light and sweet . Perfect for a Disney movie well suitable for viewers of all generation.

I can see the hype of the book now but in a completely different light. Perhaps the fact that the book tackles relationship drama in a lighter and less pricking way, can be one of the reasons why it must have resonated with such a wider audience.


The book is quick and light read full on sweetness and perfect to cheer up your mood. There are no deeper layers to it. So you can just jump into the book for it’s plain entertainment and feel good factor.Characters are all at their best behaviours and keeps it light and breezy even in middle of teenage dramas and turmoils.


Catch the trailer for the movie based on this series


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