Book Review : Then The Doorbell Rang by Capri Jalota

First of all a huge thanks to the author and author’s team for providing me with the copy of the book, Then The Doorbell Rang . I was a bit perplexed at the choice of the title. To a great extent i kept searching the meaning behind the title that the author had picked for his book. It wasn’t until i finished the book that i got to learn and see why the title couldn’t have been more apt. So my advice for anybody who is picking this book is to stick till the end of the book and then you will see the meaning behind the title and how it complements the book

Then The Doorbell Rang by Capri JalotaThen The Doorbell Rang by Capri Jalota – Official Synopsis

One fine morning, Jane wakes up and stands upon the ledge of her 18th floor flat in Dubai Marina. Till a few years back, she was everything that would make anyone jealous – beautiful, rich and successful. But then the wheels of time turned. Today, she is miserable and lonely. Would she get over a deception? Can she forgive herself for deserting a friend? Would she ever find true love? Will karma get the better of her or will life give her another chance to correct the wrongs?

Then the Doorbell Rang is about Jane’s roller-coaster journey as she explores the mystical phenomenon called Life.

Then The Doorbell Rang – RWAT Take

Then The Doorbell Rang - Quote

Then The Doorbell Rang is an amalgamation of stories that was what strike me at first with the book. Its like an omnibus where at price one one you get many stories together. The book is a journey of our central character and through the journey the author has incorporated various other stories as well. So there are a lot of background and foreground stories that add to main plot of the book. Interestingly while each of these stories take on a different path sometimes, i never felt any of these sub -plot stories overlapping or deviating from the main book. I did felt that the first half of the book tried to absorb a lot of your contemporary fiction template but it was the second half that scored for me.

Let me be frank, when i started reading the book, i felt that this would turn out to be your usual indian romance fiction. First day at engineering college, salwar kameez clad entry of heroin along with her dangling earrings that somehow adds to the beauty by volume (i swear i have only seen earrings striking a major pose in indian romances only) . romance over coffee and lunch box., poetries by the dozen … You know the usual engineering romance recipe but it wasn’t until the book progressed that i saw how the plot lines moved beyond the cliche romance ankle. Had it not covered beyond the romance quotient, my review would have been something else. Fortunately the book had a lot more in store

Then the doorbell rang has lots of interweaved stories but it is simplicity of the language and the smooth flow of the book that keeps it enjoyable and easy to experience. Had it been a bit more complexed, the book would have been absolutely hard to cope up. Perhaps the author had realized that since the book would have many sub-plots and background stories, he should smooth in the transition. This helps the book a lot as the jump from one phase to another is pretty good.


The book is a journey of our central characters and in a true form the book does take you through the journey though quite a few ups and down. Thanks to the simplicity of language and the smooth flow of the book, the journey becomes quite enjoyable.

Author Bio

Capri is from Chandigarh and has studied Management at IIM Ahmedabad. He has worked for over 13 years in reputed organizations like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Strategic Management Group, Fortis Healthcare and KIMS, across India and the Middle East, before he decided to pen his first novel. Capri is also an avid numismatist with a collection of over 1000 coins from 100+ countries.

Then The Doorbell Rang is his debut Novel

(Bio as mentioned on his official Facebook Page)

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