Book Review : The Soldier Prince (Royals of Stellangård Saga #1) by Aarti V. Raman

The Soldier Prince by Aarti V. Raman couldn’t have come at a better time than this. The whole world is still replaying everything that led to the wedding of the year. The Royal wedding of Prince Harry (Duke of Sussex) and Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) If you still haven’t been able to get over the royal wedding hangover then this book will definitely be a cure for you. A huge thanks to the author and her team for providing me with the ARC copy of the book.

The Soldier Prince - The BookThe Soldier Prince Official Synopsis

The Soldier Prince…
Alexander ‘Iceman’ Heinrickson was born a prince. The spare heir to a European principality whose future was set in stone. Until circumstances forced him to abandon his wealthy lifestyle and royal heritage. He chose to become a soldier. After years of seeing needless combat, he works construction in New York city. And craves a normal life. Going back home is not an option for him. But neither is leaving a brave damsel in danger.

…And The Commoner

Sasha Ray is an aspiring teacher and a soft touch waitress. Her life is normal. Boring even. She also has a massive crush on the newest Tall, Blond, and Handsome who frequents the New York deli where she works.What she doesn’t know about the stranger called Iceman might get her killed. Or worse. For one, he turns out to be a lethally capable soldier. For another, he is the secret Prince of Stellangård, who is not used to the word no. So, when Alexander sweeps her off on a private jet to his castle nestled in the Swiss Alps for her own protection, she has no choice but to go with him. Falling for a tortured hero like Prince Alexander might be the biggest mistake of her life. But Sasha knows some mistakes are worth risking your heart for.

With an unknown enemy closing in, Sasha and Alexander need to decide if happily ever after is just a fairy tale. Or can a Prince and a commoner find true love in the middle of danger?

Meet the Royals of Stellangård – Alexander, Helena, and Michael – burdened by their heritage, freed by love, in three standalone novels of romantic suspense and action.

The Soldier Prince – RWAT Take

I absolutely loved and enjoyed the book. I am not going to regret saying that this book turned out to be an adorable guilty pleasure and I am not saying this just because I had received an ARC copy of the book. This book indeed was sweet, cute, adorable and perfect relaxer.

Yes, it is a candyfloss romance but the fact that it moves fast is what impressed me. It moves swiftly and nicely without delving unnecessarily into feelings, emotions and every other add-on that can ruin a perfect flow of narration. I loved the pace and narration technique. The language is what amazed me. I will tell you why! In my whole reading experience, there have been two kinds of Indian authors. One, those who believe in the supreme quality of English language. This means that you have to sit with a dictionary to read the book. The other half is those new-found literary geniuses who believe in appealing to the masses. Which means they go for Hinglish. So basically you won’t know as to whether you are reading an SMS language send to you by a friend or an actual literary work. Rarely have I met authors in the Indian category, that have made me check whether they are actual Indian writers. (ok, I know I am being a hypocrite here but trust me, in my book this is a huge deal) I loved the language and its storytelling quality

Now that I have praised the book and the author, there are a few things that actually sort of kicked in my jaw. The intimate scenes. Oh boy! It’s not because I am some kind of a prude or anything and want my book characters especially Indian female characters to be absolute virgins and sari-clad. The fact that it pops almost suddenly and unexpectedly and goes into extensive detailing almost to the point of being an erotic read kind of gave me shock currents. But then this is a very minor thing and is only towards the latter half of the book. So I can overlook this tiny distraction and even fast forward. The thing that I couldn’t overlook or was a serious issue for me was the sudden POV( Point of View) changes. The trouble with the book is that POV changes unexpectedly and in fact within a paragraph itself so it becomes quite difficult to track whose POV we are reading through and trust me it isn’t always that obvious. So that can be a bit offing about the flow of the book


I loved The Soldier Prince by Aarti V. Raman and it absolutely gave me the breather and relaxer I was looking for between some heavy reads. This book is amazing and perfect for romance lovers and if you love some spice and steam in your books then look no further because the superb flow, narration and the language absolutely makes The Soldier Prince , a worthy entertainer

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