Book Review : The Retribution by Shankar Kashyap

What a ride. The book takes you for a spin and the way it moves from one sequence to another is amazing. It just holds you hooked and refusing to leave you from its shackles till the very end. I love how the author had maintained strictly business kind of narration without deterring from the plot with unnecessary deteours and characters

The RetributionThe Retribution Official Synopsis

A psychological thriller of Dev Sharma, a good man, a ‘flamboyant’ priest with high profile and owner of a reputable Care Home, is brutally murdered. His murder brings the detective Sean O’Connor, a police inspector transferred from Ulster Constabulary, more bad than good, tries to make sense of the case whilst hiding his own double life as a serial womanizer and drug abuser. The question is whether the murder is of someone pious and holy and a pillar of society.

Or is it a catharsis of a society gone bad? The answer is not so simple when the man accused of killing him turns out to be one of the dregs of society. The complexity lies in his separation of two lives but his own psychological reasoning, that he, as formed by his gods is required to practice a darker secret life of bisexuality, rent boys, and extreme behavior.

The priest is seen battling with his choices and fears of disrepute. Yet at the same time attempting to justify his behavior to himself as unchangeable, a fall out of modern living. Sheena Achar is a sophisticated wife of the Priest, deep and unfathomable. She portrays the face of a devoted wife and a lover to the society.

Does she have a different agenda? As the story unfolds, O’Connor is faced with mounting evidence against a homophobic group, a drug mafia, jealous boyfriend, a jealous wife, a drug addict and a rent boy. But only one of them is the real killer.

The Retribution RWAT Take

Each plot development subsequently unwraps events in such a manner that it leads to more and more exciting twists and thrills in the plot line. The book promises a good and enthralling read and with never a dull moment to the book and that is why it makes for an exciting and thrilling read. The characters especially the main character has so many layers to peel that it in itself makes the book, worth all the fun.

The core book plot is very interesting and has the right kind of elements and flavours that makes the book a delight and must  pick for thriller addicts. The plot twists keeps you guessing and analysing each events and moments from the book. The language and the characters are all well stitched together to adorn the narration and the story telling. The book flows through a systematic and engaging pace


This book would prove to be a fantastic pick for anybody who is looking for a challenging thriller plot and love the critical nuisances and in depth plot strength. It has great language, characters and a plot line

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