Book review: The Poison of Love by K.R. Meera

I am hoping that i am not the only weirdo who picks out a book just because i loved the cover of The Poison of Love  . Even if i am , i don’t care because i have been a stalker of the cover artist for years now (ok when i say stalker, i am saying only virtual. Not that i am standing by his window watching him eat breakfast in his plaid shirt ..nope. Not watching you at all and hiding by the itchy bushes )

The Poison of Love Official Synopsis

When Tulsi first meets Madhav, she is irrevocably drawn to his chiselled good looks and charm. Although wary of his many dalliances and the string of broken hearts left in his wake, she is surprised by the intense desire that Madhav arouses in her. And before long, she forsakes her family, her prospective career, her fiancé—all for the love of this inscrutable man. But love can be like poison. And nothing can prepare Tulsi for the heartache and betrayal that lie ahead.

Years later, Tulsi escapes to the ancient city of Vrindavan, seeking redemption amidst the cries and prayers of its anguished widows. However, when her past catches up with her, old wounds resurface with dramatic consequences.

By turns savage and tender, The Poison of Love is a spellbinding tale of love and sacrifice, pain and retribution, confirming K.R. Meera as one of our most fearless and accomplished writers.

The Poison of Love RWAT Take

So yes For years I have been stalking the artist, Ranganath Krishnamani (liquid ink) on his social media pages, because his work is simply magical and amazing. Ok fine there was another reason too. On one hand there was the whole cover and then there was the fact that the hardcover version of the book was available for an amazing steal price . So yes without knowing anything about the book or the author I had gone ahead and picked up the book, the poison of love. Why do i am getting a feeling that my review is starting off on wrong foot and seemingly saying that i was kind of forced to pick the book for all the different reason except for reading  

Let me begin my review by saying that this, for a book of 100 pages (yes its that short), is pretty heavy loaded. It ideally should have taken couple of hours for me to finish the book but the book was so heavy and the core theme just tugs at some pretty heavy strings of your heart that i nearly had to take a day off to revive myself. The book is super intense. So intense that even intense is crying in the corner saying it is too intense.

The book in a quick and free flowing narration gives you a story that is laden upon layers and layers of pain and heartbreak. So if you are looking for a book to uplift the mood then this is not the one. Trust me. i have two empty tubs of ice cream to vouch for this fact.  In fact I would warn one, to hold on tight because it is going to be hard and super sad. Wow that rhymed

So basically apart from a really sad and piercing story, I thought the book was brilliant. Majorly because of the language. Since it’s a translation I am not quite sure who would shoulder the praise for the quality of language. The author K.R. Meera or the translation artist ministhy . Either way the language is brilliant. It is not simple but a little adorned and poetic which , don’t know about you but, makes it impressive and fabulous for me


In conclusion the theme and story of the book is extremely heartbreaking and pretty intense and the language is on a different level but a beauty in its form. Plus the book is short, quick so it doesn’t hurt to try. The cover is to die for and the book is ok too 


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